Uptown Burger Bakar @ Cyber Square, Kepayan

Today's invited review post comes from Uptown Burger Bakar and Shisha, with its tagline : Burger that makes you high. We couldn't agree more, just look at this triple stacked burger, it will definitely let your reach new heights.

Located just around the corner of the junction entering towards new apartment complex Cyber city, its humble stall from which aromatic smoke billows, beckons the hungry to form long queue.
Borneo Copacabana Cafe
Block No 1, Cyber Square Kepayan, 88100 Kota Kinabalu 
Tel: 016-831 6493 (Uptown Burger Bakar)
Uptown Burger Bakar located outside of Borneo Copacabana Cafe which you can have your eat in and order beverages here
Soft Drink, RM2.00
Gourmet styled burger stall has been mushrooming across KK, and booming might we add, further affirming our long contention that KKians have an insatiable appetite for burgers, and we've certainly come a long way since the humble burger stall at Rasa Selera (if memory serves me correct on its namesake) located at the edge of Prince Phillip park Tanjung Aru back in the 80's. The proprietor, Hisyam, certainly has the midas touch (well almost) when it comes to burger, and the a good number of patrons (amongst the more notable ones that happen to be present was @KKCity), is a testament to this.
Place your order and take your numbering
A good flame to grill the patties to juicy goodness
Then finish off with a slice of cheese on top while still on the grill.
The secret is said to be in the sauce as well, this one we had was the special sauce, a cross between the smokey-soury flavor of a barbeque sauce, but with a nice hint of spiciness. The triple decker is certainly a sight to behold.
The patties are juicy, somehow the grilling process still retains lots of its moisture, the sauce just adds to that smokeyness that the the burger already acquired from the grill. This picture here is the triple grilled beef cheese burger (RM11)
The next burger we had is the double grilled chicken cheese burger (RM8.). The patties was thick and tender, the lightly burnt edges gives it that imperfect look but gives a nice crunchy outer later.
This last one we had certainly relates well to our local tastebud, payau burger (RM7), or venison meat. If you'r afraid of its games tastes, then you can put those fears to rest. In fact, its the most tender amongst the other burgers. Such an exotic meat yet still bodes well conventional bun and salad.

Have a dose of shisha with your burger for extra kick
The proprietors hard at work to serve you better
Even @KKCity joined the throng of hungry people waiting in line to get a good dose of this good burger.

Menu and Price list

Signature Deer Meat Burger (Burger Payau)


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