PHO 2000 @ Ho Chi Minh

At PHO 2000, broth is cooked with only the best ingredients to bring real natural flavoring to their PHO noodle soup. Quality ingredients such as bone, oxtail, brisket, flank, eye round steak, tendon and book tripe are essential for preparing an authentic bowl of Vietnamese PHO. PHO 2000 is popular in Vietnam, overseas and more recently, many in Korea Town, Los Angeles, have voted PHO 2000 as "BEST PHO" restaurant in Los Angeles. PHO 2000 is not only famous for their delicious and healthy soup, but also for their quick and professional services.

PHO 2000 @ Ho Chi Minh
1-3 Đ Phan Chu Trinh (opposite Ben Thanh Market)
District #1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel: (84.8) 822 2788
Menu Board

Pho 2000 is a chain of noodle restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The branch right next to Ben Thanh Market become well known when the former US President Bill Clinton stopped by for a bowl of soup in year 2000. He was the first US president to visit Vietnam since the American-Vietnamese war.
Vietnamese Iced Coffee and Lime Juice
Beef Noodle Soup, VND60,000 x 2 bowl (regular)
This delicious beef noodles are served with plenty of thinly sliced chilies, basil leaves and lime
Chicken Curry with Bread, VND85,000
We also ordered their savory chicken curry with bread which was slightly more expensive than our bowl of noodle. In Saigon this is how they make their curry chicken, its chicken is simmered in coconut milk with Undian curry powder, lemon grass, together with vegetables like potatoes, carrots and okra. It wasn't hot, but light sweet and tasty.
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