Ho Chi Minh City's Street Food

In Vietnam you can get to try out some of the best street food in the world and the options are endless. Start from the simplest fruit, baguette to pho. Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) is the best city in Vietnam to try street food. Pho is the most popular food among the Vietnamese population. Pho is originally from Hanoi; a hearty noodle soup is now popular nation wide. Pho, commonly eaten for breakfast, although many people will have it for their lunch or dinner.
Small stalls serve up sandwiches or cheap eats are virtually every street corner in the city. Sausage, pate, pickled vegetables and chilies are the best combination, though salted pork and even vegetarian options are quite good. Other soups such as Bun Bo Hue, a Chinese inspired hu tieu (thick rice noodle soup). At lunch is best to try their broken rice at the street stalls where dishes are prepare and place on shelves, you just pick dishes you want to go with your rice, just like our Malaysia economy rice. The dining experience is quite amazing, when you are eating while sitting on the sidewalk in children height plastic chair and table.

Vietnamese Ngiu Chap (Beef Intestinal and organs) and noodles stall.
Mixed Beef intestine, liver and stomach in soup VND20,000
Some with a chewy texture and some gamey flavor, it has an acquire taste, not for everyone liking.
Drinks or Dessert Stall
I have no idea what this drink call, I just order what's the person next to me did. This was a very good cooling and refreshing drink, it cost VND15,000
Noodle Stall
This bowl of savory good noodle only cost VND15,000. It's so cheap and delicious
Deep Fried Spring Roll VND10,000
Crispy on the outside and delicious filling...goes really good with the dipping sacue
Dessert Soup Stall
VND5,000 per packet
Bun Moc (Pork Noodle)
Pork Hu Tieu Mi Stall
Noodles are the most popular street food
Vietnam local fruits
Fruit here are sweet and fresh.....you can get some good bargain from the lady that selling their fruits on a bicycle from their own farm.
Sandwiches Stall
Sandwich VND20,000
Sausage, pate, pickled vegetables and salted pork serve in a baguette
Sticky Rice
Noodles Stall
Hawker Food at Ben Thanh Market

Drinks and Dessert stall

Drink VDN15,000
A refreshing basil seed drink....sweet and cooling, aaahhhh!

Snacks stall

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