Asia Model Festival Awards 2013 - The biggest awards festival for Asia models

The 8th Asia Model Festival Awards 2013 was held on 15th January 2013, at Seoul Songpa-gu Bangi-dong Olympic Hall. The biggest model festival in Asia ‘Asia Model Festival Awards’ united 15 Asian countries in tune with the slogan, “Asia Is One”. This festival was hosted by the Korea Model Association (Chairman, Yang Eui-sig) and supervised by cultural workshop DBK, international model center and sponsored by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea Tourism Organization, The Korea International Broadcasting Foundation.

Asia Model Festival Awards 2013 Red Carpet @ Seoul, South Korea (From L to R) Bernice Liu (廖碧兒), Dato Jimmy Choo, Amber Chia.
‘Asia Model Festival Awards’ presents awards to the most active stars and models who have contributed to the development of arts and culture, each year and in each sector of the Asian region .
‘Asia Model Festival Awards 2013’ kicked off on 14th January 2013 with the ‘ASIA 美 Festival’ and Asia New Star Model Contest, where the top industry professionals from home and abroad, from industries including modeling, hair and beauty, medical, pop culture and music participated. The ASIA 美 Festival was jointly organised by Korea Model Association and Korea Pro-Makeup Association (Chairman, Ahn Mee- ryu). Glittering performances were displayed by renowned fashion designers from all over the Asian region, and the audience were treated to an extravaganza fashion show of traditional clothes, beauty show, hair show and make-up show. The Asia New Star Contest saw 80 of the best new models competing for the title from 13 countries.
Korea Model Association has created a new type of model network content called ‘Asia Model Road’ to select representatives from Asian countries by visiting the model contest of 10 Asian countries (China, Thailand, Mongolia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia and Myanmar), with the best local model organisers.
Face of Malaysia Male Model winner, Josh Ho and Face of Hong Kong Female Model winner, Jumbo Tsang, bagged subsidiary titles in the Asia New Star Model Contest.
On 15th Jan 2013, the 8th Asia Model Festival Awards 2013 awarded awards to various categories of models, stars and industry professionals, including fashion models, CF models, kids models, beauty queen models, new face models, supermodels and racing models with the Asia Star Award, Asia Special Award, Popular Star Award, Popular Singer Award, Model Star Award, New Star Award, Fashionista Award and International Cultural Exchange Contribution Award.
For the model-expert-awards, Kim Kyung Won, Kim Woo Jeong, Lee Ko Eun, Ahn Jae Hyun, Kang Seung Hyun, Ha-Seok, Stephanie Lee were prized and on drama, Music and Fashion, Ulala session, Davichi, 9 Musics, Kim Woo Bin, Yoon Jin Ee, Kim Hyung jun, Yoo-In-Yung, Lee Sang Yoon, Yoo-In-Na, Lee Da Hye, and TVXQ.
The Asia Special Award was awarded to Professor Dato Jimmy Choo for his contributions to the development of fashion & cultural exchange, and education enhancement throughout the Asian region.
The Asia Star Model Awards, which recognises the most prominent star models and their contributions to the industry for their respective countries, for Hong Kong were awarded to Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) and Yeung Ming (揚明), while the Malaysian equivalent were awarded to Eryna Salim and Isaac Ong.
The 8th Asia Model Festival Awards was sponsored by SamSung Smart Camera, Jessica Bling, Future course BIOXIDEA, Coway China Corporation, Beauty-school Beautiful people, GnB Smart English, Pandora TV, Oracle skin center, Yujin Metro, 97.7 B&H hospital, K&I Silk-therapy, Forever plastic surgery hospital, Byeol sa tang entertainment (Star candy entertainment), Seokyung University, Hwa-mee-ju Hair, Luna-body line, Romian plastic surgery hospital, MODALAB and BBF diet.
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