Zipangu by Nadaman featuring Kaiseki cuisine by Chef Takayuki Oshima

If you have been following us diligently on Facebook and Instagram, you would have known about the visit of a great personage, the Award-winning Group Executive Chef from the Nadaman Group Japan, Chef Takayuki Oshima. The good chef was in Kuala Lumpur recently, to delight patrons of Zipangu Super Dining restaurant at the Shangri-la Hotel Kuala Lumpur with his Kaiseki Cuisine for the dinner set and special lunch menu set.

Level One, Shangri La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, 
50250 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan.

Call (60 3) 2074 3900

Business Hours (Daily)
Lunch 12 noon - 2.30pm
Dinner 6.30pm - 10.30pm

Readers note: Smoking is prohibited in Zipangu!

Chef Takayuki Oshima preparing his Kaiseki cuisine set

Chef Oshima has more than 40 years of experience in the Japanese Culinary scene and has won numerous awards, which includes the "Full Technician Meister" by the Japanese Technical Association 2013, "Excellent Technician - Tokyo Mesiter" by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in 2015 and is recognised by the Japanese Government as the "Top class Japanese Cooking Technician". His culinary skills has also seen him prepare gourmet Japanese cuisine for the Japanese Imperial Family, notable country leaders as well as celebrities. 

Zipangu . Super Dining is set amidst the luxurious backdrop of the 5-star deluxe properties of the Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur. There are only two Zipangu outlets in the Nadaman Group, one in Tokyo and the other here in Kuala Lumpur.

The place exudes a serenity typical of the Zen philosophy of the Japanese people. the interiors are richly furnished with wood, water flows over stone and glass and there is even a bamboo garden. I was most impressed by the walls of glass bottles of wine and sake stacked from the floor to ceiling, and their impressive bar.

There are two private rooms and five semi-private enclaves separated from the main restaurant by timber battens. Be warned, Zipangu was such a comfortable place that I completely forgot the passage of time. Whilst in my pictures the ambience of Zipangu resembled one of a nice lazy afternoon when I took them, the environment in the place hardly changed as the time transitioned from afternoon to night. I suppose that is what happens when you indulge in yourself too much.

The Tokyo-styled basserie stands out for its spacious open kitchen which features separate counters for the preparations of sushi, teppanyaki and tempuras. Diners can of course opt to sit at these counters and watch the chefs work.

Readers Tip: Our favourites are accompanied with a 👍 as an indication of WOW-Good taste!

Chef Oshima's dinner special at zipangu featured two signature course meals, an Eight-course dinner meal priced at RM580 nett and a Six-course dinner meal priced at RM380 nett.

The Eight-course dinner featured Sea Urchin Pudding, Goose Liver Teriyaki, Assorted Sushi and Sashimi, Seared Wagyu Beef, Prawn Teppanyaki, Smoked Trout Salad, Grilled Cream Cheese with Saikyo Miso, Glutinous Rice Balls with Grilled Eel, Japanese-style Wagyu Steak, Crab Meat Omelette Rice, Green Tea Ice Cream and more.

The Six-course dinner featured was similiar to the Eight-course dinner, but without certain items. It came with Goose Liver Teriyaki, Assorted Sushi and Sashimi, Seared Wagyu Beef, Prawn Teppanyaki, Japanese-style Wagyu Steak, Crab Meat Omelette Rice, Green Tea Ice Cream.

The texture of the Kaiseki cuisine was very fine, one would almost say smooth and butter-like as they melt in the mouth. It was neither overly sweet and savory, but had a wonderful subtle complexity of flavour, one which you could sit back, relax and savour. Simply put, it was amazing!

Amuse - Sea Urchin Pudding with Consommé Jelly

Amuse - Crab Meat and Tomato Salad with Crab Miso Tofu 👍

Appetiser - Assorted Sushi in order of presentation; Goose Liver Teriyaki, Seared Wagyu Beef and Tuna Belly with Caviar 👍

Sashimi -  4 kinds of Assorted Sashimi

Teppanyaki - Grilled Prawns with Bisque Sauce 👍👍

Grilled Dish - Japanese Style Wagyu Steak 👍👍

Assorted Hot Dish - Smoked Trout Salad Style, Steamed Glutinous Rice Ball with Grilled Eel, Grilled Cream Cheese with Saikyo Miso, Grilled Asparagus Rolled with Beef, Stuffed Shiitake Mushrooms and Grilled Trout Belly.  👍👍

Rice - Crab Meat Omelet Rice, served with Red Bean Miso Soup and Pickles 👍

Dessert - Green Tea Ice Cream and Rice Flour Dumpling "Anmitsu" 👍

I honestly had a great time dining here. For readers who would like to learn more, you can browse more of my pictures here and while it is too late to try the Kaiseki cuisine by Chef Oshima, you can still try other favourites from their lunch menu, dinner menu and drinks menu. If you would like to make a reservation instead, you can do so here. To Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur and the Nadaman Group, thank you for having me and Everyday Food I Love at this exquisite event. Until the next time~ ~ Marv.7 Thank you for reading! We are currently expanding our reach in South East Asia to bring more for your next leisurely consideration. Our media team does media coverage for a wide variety of topics, ranging from Lifestyle events, HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant and Cafe) reviews, Upcoming Clubs and Product launches. Our other interests also include but are not limited to dance, fitness, movies, technology and photography. Please subscribe to our facebook page. If you would like to get in touch with us, please contact us via email at [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected].


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