Bon Appétit Restaurant & Café ~ Good Foods at a Great Price!

Dinner with friends! Exactly just what the doctor ordered. Sometime back I was invited to try a 14-course dinner set hosted by the Bon Appétit Restaurant & Café at the Oasis Square Ara Damansara.

Bon Appétit Restaurant and Café
D-G-06, Block D, 
Oasis Square Ara Damansara, 
2, Jalan PJU 1A/7A Ara Damansara
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia


[email protected]   

Call 03-7859 9998

Business Hours 
Monday to Thursday 11am - 10pm
Friday & Saturday 11am to 11pm
Sunday Closed ~

Bon Appétit Restaurant & Café offers both Italian cuisine and Asian-Fusion foods. Their menu is divided into sections for Entree, Pasta, Main, Bread and Pizza, Desserts and a Kids Menu. As for drinks, they have sections for Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, Signature Mock-tails, Ice Blended Coffee, Fresh Juice, Sodas & Water, Bottled Beers and Wines.

They do not serve pork here. It has a nice laid-back atmosphere, where you can sit and dine comfortably without the din that accompanies most popular eateries. And now we get to the part which you have been reading for, the dinner set.

Readers Tip: Our favourites are accompanied with a 👍 as an indication of a must try!

Amuse Bouche - Mushroom Bruschetta RM8
For starters, lightly toasted bread was served with a generous topping of mushrooms with a melted layer of Gratinated Mozzarella cheese fusing everything together. The taste was balanced just right, with the right amount of cheesy texture coupled with a light sweet-savory taste.

Appetizer - Japanese Smoked Salmon Salad RM22
What dining would not be complete without the obligatory salad? This salad was to the liking of my friend Rane, it was served tossed with roasted Sesame sauce.

Appetizer - Chilli Garlic Vongole RM15 👍
We found this very much to our liking! Little Neck Clams were lightly stewed in a spicy broth of Chilli and Garlic, and served with a side of Garlic bread. I thought the spicy taste contrasted greatly with our entree, which only helped to provoke my palate to want more! I would rate this as a must-try and will order it again on my next visit.

Soup - French Onion Soup RM15 👍
This French Classic has been adapted to our asian palate, the soup was made with a rich beef broth with onions. It was served in a soup bowl and topped with Gruyère cheese and Croutons baked to a firm crispiness to lend contrast to the texture of this dish. I am a big fan of soups, and simple as it is, I would not hesitate to ask for a second helping of this soup.

Intermezzo 1 - Apple Twist RM13 👍
Right after we had the last course of French Onion Soup, we were served a nice glass of fresh apple juice, which is a favourite here with Bon Appétit's customers. It was flavoured with some pandan leaf extract and was very refreshing!

Pasta - Teriyaki Salmon and Mushroom Alfredo RM32 👍
Remember earlier I mentioned that Bon Appétit was also offered asian-fusion dishes to cater to our local taste? The Teriyaki Salmon and Mushroom Alfredo is one such offering, with the sweet and savory nature of both the Teriyaki Salmon playing on your palate as it clashes romantically with the creamy and savory Mushroom Alfredo. The combination of sweet, savory and creamy flavours were delightful, and I liked that the salmon was grilled to perfection and was still juicy and flaky. For those of you pasta purist, you need not worry, I am pleased to report to you that the pasta was served Al dente.

Pasta - Chicken Confit Aglio Olio RM26
Another old French favourite, Chicken Confit is basically Chicken that is slowly cooked over time with the fat of a duck or goose. Whilst the texture of the chicken was the same as you would expect from eating any other chicken, the savory flavour of it however was agreeable to my palate. The Aglio Olio was of course done the traditional way, tossed in garlic infused olive oil and with a little bit of herbs and chili flakes. The pasta itself was cooked Al dente and the two made a very good combination, with the chicken and the pasta complementing each other taste-wise.

Main - Grilled Lamb Shoulder with Ratatouille RM30 👍👍

I am a big eater of red meats. The Lamb Shoulder was grilled to tender perfection and was still juicy. You can ask to have it grilled to your Doneness of Choice. I preferred mine Medium, which is firm and yet pink. The excellent lamb was served with a side of mashed potatoes, light mint sauce, a small dish of brown sauce and SURPRISE! A serving of the French Classic, Ratatouille!

For those of you unfamiliar with this dish, Ratatouille is a Vegetable stew that originated from the province of Nice, France. In our part of the world, it was popularised by an animation of the same name some years back. It is a popular dish, and like all foods that can trace their origins back to the home kitchen, there are many variations of this dish. But for the purpose of our discussion today, it helps if you just remember this; do you prefer your Ratatouille soft and jammy or fresh and crunchy? I prefer the latter, which is how they prepared it here.

The variation of the Ratatouille served at Bon Appétit contains vegetables such as sautéed garlic, onions, zucchini, and bell peppers, which are fused together with tomatoes as the base. Ideally, the ingredients are first cooked separately, and then cooked together with the base so that it blends together into a nice stewed mix. Herbs were also liberally added during cooking to improve on it's aroma. My verdict? I shamelessly asked for double helpings.

There are a few others mains which you can try at Bon Appétit, and featured the night I was there are the following.

Fish Fillet and Pepper Coulis RM27

Salmon Steak and Lemon Caviar RM38

Chicken Navarin RM26

The Great Western Beef Burger RM28

Hawaiian Sol Pizza RM30

Intermezzo 2 : Rock Sangria RM15 👍
For our Second Intermission, we were served a Best Seller in this eatery, the colourfully appealing Rock Sangria. Fresh cut fruits are served like sangria in a cup, but instead of wine it was a zesty mixture of grenadine, apple, orange and pineapple juice.

Dessert - Créme Brulee RM10 👍
My companion for the evening was very happy when the Créme Brulee arrived. This French Classic was served with a caramelized sugar topping. It had a nice creamy texture and for those of you worrying about calories, was not too sweet.

Dessert - Triple Play Sunday RM10👍
The last course for the evening, was this amazing dessert which comprises of a special triple layer offering of chocolate, vanilla and coffee ice cream. It is one of the top choices for desserts here at Bon Appétit, and after tasting it, you will understand why as the mix of contrasting flavours plays around with your palate.

I really enjoyed my time here, as I always do with my family of bloggers. Special thanks go to Foodilifecious for organising this outing, if you want to read more, can read up at my compadre Jason who wrote more about the Great Western Beef Burger at FoodFootage. The food here is good, and with their careful attention to details and good service, Bon Appétit Restaurant & Café is a great place to re-visit with friends and family for a casual dinner or to celebrate a memorable occasion. Special mention must be made, in that they are quite flexible and attentive to your needs. If you would like to customise a special menu for your next event (or date), please ask to speak to one of their executives or manager, they will be very happy to speak to you further with what you have in mind.

They accept reservations, and also does catering for private events in and around the Klang Valley. If you would like to find out more, why not get in touch with them now and call 03-7859 9998. Thank you reading! ~ Marv.7 Thank you for reading! We are currently expanding our reach in South East Asia to bring more for your next leisurely consideration. Our media team does media coverage for a wide variety of topics, ranging from Lifestyle events, HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant and Cafe) reviews, Upcoming Clubs and Product launches. Our other interests also include but are not limited to dance, fitness, movies, technology and photography. Please subscribe to our facebook page. If you would like to get in touch with us, please contact us via email at [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected].


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