Luodong Night Market @ Luodong, Taiwan

Located two stations away from Jiaoxi Train Station, Luodong Night Market 羅東夜市 is one of Taiwan’s biggest and most crowded night market. During our visit, it was a rainy day but it didn't stopped the crowds from visiting.

Luodong Night Market
Direction Train:
From Luodong Station walk along Chongcheng Rd., turn right to Xindong Rd.
There are plenty of street food available at the market. Some of the most popular stalls included the Braised skewers,Dragon phoenix roll, Herbal mutton soup, pan fried spring onion pancake, tapioca dessert and soy beancurd.
Ren Bing (Taiwanese version of spring roll)
The Ren Bing from this particular stall in Luodong Night Market is one of the best I had tried so far. It was generously filled with ingredients and tasted refreshingly good and delicious.
Due to the heavy crowds at 阿灶伯當歸羊肉 Ah Du Po Mutton Soup Stall, we skipped and try another stall nearby.
Lu Rou Fan
Although it wasn't the most famous stall in Luodong, their food are exceptionally great. Every single dishes that we randomly picked from the Menu tasted as good as it looks.
Fried Noodle with Mutton
Angelica Mutton Soup
The Angelica Mutton Soup was revolutionary tasty. It was infused with delicious herbs while the mutton was still tender and juicy.
Oyster with Veggies
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