Burgos Burger @ Beverly 2, Kota Kinabalu

Set against an unlikely backdrop of a carwash, this establishment transforms at night into serving out jaw-dislocating, colossal and delicious burgers, brought to you by young talents who are fuelled mainly by the sweat of their brow and pure, unadulterated passion.
Burgos Burger
Beverly Hills, Jalan Bundusan Penampang, 
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Tel: 010-934 5223 (Ritchie)/ 014-358 6729 (Bruno)/ 010-949 6131 (Richael)
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BurgosBros
This next burger is exactly what no physician will prescribe, but Dr. Love will certainly set you in the mood for some loving, with energy boosting button mushroom, cheddar cheese and nice protein replenishment of thick grilled beef patty. Add on some fried egg and coleslaw for extra ammunition to last all night long.
Dr. Love Burger, RM8.00 + Fried Egg, RM1.00 + Coleslaw, RM0.50
Grilled beef patty (175g), black pepper sauce, sautéed button mushroom and cheddar cheese, add on fried egg and coleslaw.
If beef is not your meat, then the Burgos Street Burger will give you some cred. Grilled chicken thigh drenched in exotic oriental sauce with fried egg and cheddar cheese, you'd be hard pressed to find anything better, unless of course if you add on another piece of chicken thigh then BAMM! That's a towering inferno in your belly. Its like having grilled chicken chop smothered in slaw, cheesy goodnes and tangy sauce.
Burgos Street Burger, RM7.50 + Chicken patty, RM4.00 + Coleslaw, RM0.50
Grilled chicken, oriental sauce, fried egg and cheddar cheese, add on chicken patty and coleslaw
The Hulk Burger, RM13
Double beef patty, black pepper sauce, crispy fried onions and fried egg
This Hulk of a burger is the reason people go to the doctor to get their jaws realigned..well among other things. But is totally worth it IMHO. Perhaps only the big green man himself can Hulk-smash his way through this very compact and juicy beef patty. It packs more bite than one can imagine and the onion rings gives a nice crunchy texture. 
These are the brains behind the burgers where namesake such as Sasha Grey is thrown into the mix. I can almost hear those boyish giggles from those in the know.
Tel: 010-934 5223 (Ritchie)/ 014-358 6729 (Bruno)/ 010-949 6131 (Richael)
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BurgosBros
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