Cafe Restaurant Dee Zeewse Herberg @ Zierikzee, Netherlands

Zierikzee is a small city, located on the former island of Schouwen in the Dutch province of Zeeland. After a bit of sightseeing and walking around in Zierikzee we sat down for our lunch at Dee Zeewse Herberg. The restaurant is situated in a 17th century building, it was reasonable filled up with people at lunch hour. It has a pleasant atmosphere, service is very good, proprietor and together with waiters are well in control and know how to give you the feeling of being their guest. If you are in the Zierikzee area and I would highly recommend you not to miss this restaurant for their good food and reasonable prices.

Must Try!!! Dutch Herring ("Hollandse Nieuwe" Haring. A typical Dutch snack is the "Hollandse Nieuwe" or "Zoute Haring". It is raw herring from the North Sea catches end of spring. The herring has been cleaned, the head is removed and it is conserved in a special way with salt. The "Hollandse Nieuwe" is typically eaten with raw onions and pickles. The Dutch way of eating it - first picking it up by the tail and then letting it slide into your mouth gradually. Or eat your herring on a sandwich, it's called a "Broodje Haring" (Herring Sandwich). All these fine fish delicacies can be bought at an Dutch street-side herring fish stall. Typical Dutch food, so give it a try!
Herring fish, Euro$1.50 each bought at Middleburg fish market
This Cafe Restaurant is our lunch place....
Cafe Restaurant Dee Zeewse Herberg
Havenpark 2, 4301 CD Zierikzee, Netherlands
Tel: +31 111 414 118
2 x Cappuccino, Euro$5 and Tea, Euro$2.20
2 x Fish Soup, Euro$11.60
This traditional dish straddles that notional territory between a soup and a stew. The deliciously old-fashioned all-fish formula with the key ingredient is the clam juice or shellfish stock, white wine, fish stock, or water and works well with white fish, though firmer is better.  Serve with fresh, crusty bread to mop up the deeply flavored broth.
Served together with soup
Spareribs, Euro$17.50
The spare ribs were incredible, the portion sizes were plenty, served with chips, cauliflower and salad as side dish. There is no sweet molasses and spicy sauce for the spare ribs here, just a day in brine, dry rubbed spices, and then grilled to perfection. The chips and salad perfectly balance the meal.
Side dish: Cauliflower
Side dish: Chips
Yummy spare ribs...slurp!
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