The Launch of INTELLIgent Bosch Asian Range with revolutionary innovations

Bosch Home Appliances, Europe’s leading household appliances brand has launched its revolutionary Asian Range with newly introduced hobs and hoods that features INTELLI innovations that cater to Asians’ kitchen needs, enabling its users to cook in style and keep the kitchen — and the rest of the house — clean and smelling fresh.

INTELLILINK models - PBD9351MS (hob) andDKS968DSG (hood)
Comprised of gas hobs, electric hob, hybrid hob and oil collector hoods, the invention and design of the Bosch Asian Range are carefully developed to suit the Asian’s way of cooking. The gas and electric hobs of the Asian Range are designed wider than the existing European Range with consideration that Asian cooking involves cookware such as wok and larger pots as compared to Western cooking. The professional oil collection channel on the hoods come with a patented double filter system to capture the condensed grease instantly which then flows to the oil cup, keeping the kitchen grease free.
Jimmy and Gary showcase how to cook in style with Borch Asian Range
“Kitchen is the heart of the home, a place where cooking is devoted to loved ones, a place for family cohesion and bonding. Adding to that, we endeavour in producing efficient, elegant, stylish products with the most advanced technology available for every kitchen around the world. The launch of Asian Range exhibits our effort in bringing German efficiency and technology to the Asian’s kitchens with design that suits the Asian way of cooking such as even and precise wok burners, efficient extraction for hoods as well as “INTELLILINK”, an innovative feature that links up the hob and the hood. It is convenient and practical,” said Gary Ong, Chief Executive Officer of BSH Home Appliances Sdn. Bhd.
Guests enjoy refreshments prepared with Bosch Asian Range
One of the remarkable intelligences of the Asian hob is the Delay Shut-off Timer for the PBD9351MS model. It features a 1-99 minutes timer with acoustic tone, which automatically switches off the flame once the selected cooking time elapsed. Cooking is made safer and easier than ever.
The notable features of the Bosch Asian Range’s INTELLI innovations are:
The Official Launch of Borch Asian Range
INTELLILINK features an “InterLink” which seamlessly connects the hob and hood. The hob sends wireless signal to the hood to control it. So every time the hob is turned on, the hood is automatically switched on. The revolutionary hob will also be able to send a stop signal to the hood when hob is turned off. The hood will then switch to a lower speed and run about 3 minutes before stopping. Grease, heat and odour are automatically extracted to keep your stove area and kitchen clean and odour free.
* INTELLILINK is applicable to selected models only - PBD9351MS (Hob) and DKS968DSG (Hood).

INTELLISPARK comes with ‘Auto ignition’, an intelligent high speed ignition function. With just a press of a button, it can determine whether the flame is ignited. If there is no flame after 10 seconds, the thermoelectric valve will stop the gas supply as a safety measure.

Triple-flame burner with duo copper piping in the gas hob provides precise flame control from as low as 0.3kW up to 4.0kW. Compared to other European hobs with 2-flame burner design, the Bosch triple-flame burner for Asian range is designed specifically for even and controlled heating. Bosch gas hobs are strong and gentle at the same time: it brings water to a boil in no time at high power and it is especially gentle for simmering at low power. So gentle that you can even simmer delicate vegetables, soups and sauces – or simply keep your food hot.
* INTELLIFLAME is applicable to selected models only – PBD7251MS, PBD7351MS, PBD7331MS, PBD9331MS, PBD9351MS and PMH768MS.
With the Self-Cleaning feature, selected Bosch Asian Hood sucks up all the dirty excess and with a push of a button, cleans and washes the hood, collecting the waste in simple cup collector for easy removal.
* INTELLICLEAN is applicable to selected model only – DKS968DSG.

Bosch Asian Induction Hob features Power Boost function that allows higher power output to a selected cooking zone instantly, at the touch of a button. This saves time, especially for large pots of water, which need to be brought up to temperature quickly.

Bosch Asian Hood filters have a pyramidal geometry with double filter system: The oil is trapped in a collector that can be easily removed for cleaning. At the same time, the motor of your cooker hood is also kept clean so its performance will be consistently powerful.

The Bosch Asian Range is available in 10 models: Gas Hobs (PBD7251MS, PBD7351MS, PBD7331MS, PBD9331MS and PBD9351MS), Electric Hob (PMI968MS), Hybrid Hob (PMH768MS) and Oil Collector Hoods (DKE908PMY, DKE906HMY and DKS968DSG). Most of the Asian Range models are now available at Bosch authorized dealers with a standard retail price starting from RM1,388*; while INTELLILINK models - PBD9351MS & DKS968DSG and gas hob PBD9331MS model will be available from January 2014 onwards. For more information, please visit

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