The Partisan Restaurant @ Majestic Quay, Perth, Australia

Tucked by a gentle stream behind Royal Street, The Partisan mixes high end urban chic, with a little hint of rustic flair, and we haven't even begin describing their food yet. But by the end of your meal, don't kick yourself for being slightly partisan to this fine eatery.

The Partisan Restaurant
C2/ 60 Royal St,
East Perth WA 6004

We relish at the thought of seating outdoors, even as the looming dark clouds bear ominous things to come, the cool air touching our face is not a common scene in hot tropical KK.
Coffee (Long Black) AUD4.00

This fine brew of coffee is a welcomed reprieve from the cool weather. Aromatic and full of body, this just ignite all our senses, which we will need for the day's activity.
Hot Chocolate AUD5.50, Mocha AUD5.50

For some of us who can't stand the bitter coffee, then this rich hot chocolate, which is rich in texture, gives you just the right amount of sugar rush, dip the marshmallows for an added creaminess. 
Egg Benedict AUD18.00
Eggs Benedict - ham, poached eggs, English muffin & Hollandaise suace

Even by looking at it, you can already appreciate its aesthetics. 2 Poached free-range eggs, topped with even more egg yolk in the form of very rich hollandaise sauce. The sauce adds a lot of creaminess to this dish, while the spinach gives a lot of healthy goodness, and the ham gives some smokey flavor and saltiness to this dish.
House made Granola Muesli AUD10.00
House made Granola Muesli - house made granola, seasonal fruits serve with milk and yogurt

The ultimate breakfast of champions, this wholesome goodness speaks volume when it comes to being healthy. Chewy oats, with mix of fresh and dried fruits, so you'll get some earthy aroma and strong sweetness, the yogurt gives a healthy cream option. 
Eggs Atlantic - smoked salmon, poached eggs, English muffin, Hollandaise sauce AUD18.00

With the added salmon, its almost similar to the egg's Benedict, but with and added strong woody aroma and saltiness.
One Pan Breakfast - eggs your way, toast, bacon, tomato, mushrooms & sausage AUD22.00

Another breakfast of champions, this mouth watering platter will give you enough energy to lift boulders. The smooth and creamy scrambled eggs also carries some herby aroma. The swwet mushroom can stop you at your tracks, but of course you'll get a move on with the bacon and gourmet sausage. 
Buttermilk Pancakes with Blueberry coulis & sweet ricotta AUD17.00

Deceiving simple, this pancake packs the most punch, evident from among the breakfast attendees, the one consumed this avoid hunger pang the longest, and this fella has the biggest appetite. The Juicy blueberry is not only generously poured on top of the pastry, but as well as inside the pancake itself. As the sweet juiciness from the berry's burst, it is met with the softness of the cheese. 
Posing with the delicious Breakfast

We would like to thank Michelle and Lawrence (seated) for spending their precious weekends with us.
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