iHop Cafe @ Lintas Plaza

Good tasting and visually appealing food, set in an ambiance so comfortable that you would want to stay longer, yet affordable to thin wallets, this is concept of i-Hop Cafe, located on top of Cosway Lintas (in between Upperstar and YoYo Cafe). So when the next growl in your belly goes off, remember to once in a while, look up for an inspiration for food. For those who are less spiritual, don't despair, and look up still, for some great restaurants are not located at eye level, but rather at upper floors.

iHop Cafe @ Lintas Plaza
Lot 28-1, 1st Floor, Lintas Plaza, 
Lorong Lintas Plaza, Jalan Lintas Luyang, 
88300 Kota Kinabalu 
Tel: 088-538 816
Facebook: iHop Cafe

Of course, professional discretion dictates that we disclaim that we state this is a revenue making review, but in the great scheme of things, should not overcast the brilliant way food is done here at i-Hop Cafe. There is a very wide selection of Asian and Western Dishes as well as myriad of beverages to quench your thirst after a hearty meal.
The very entrepreneurial proprietor was so gracious to let us sample 1 dish each from the different continents. First up, we had the cheese baked rice. Made famous in Hong Kong, i-Hop's rendition is just nice, how nice? For starters, a generous layer of mozzarella cheese on top that is baked to a nice elasticity. Then a a rich cream sauce lay in between the cheese and fried rice underneath, laden with strips of grilled chicken. The fried rice itself of full of fragrance, released from high heat quick stirfry. This Chicken Fillet Cheese baked rice costs only RM8.95

Next up, was stir fried Udon, a wheat based noodle of Japanese origin. With a twist of i-Hop's experienced Chef, this mild dish is turned into a flavorful and spicy concoction of stir-fry with beef. This dish acquires the taste from black pepper and various herbs and Chili, while the beef was sweet and tender. To get a taste of this order the Black Pepper Beef Udon, priced at only RM8.95
Next up is a Pasta dish. Yes this time we go to Italy, but done with a touch of Oriental flair. The first thing that will catch your eye is the 2 medium sized succulent prawn that is deep fried to give the outer shell a crunch, while the flesh was sweet and juicy. The pasta itself was stirfried to release a strong fragrance of XO sauce, and spicy too, various peppers and capsicum. The pasta was al-dante, intermittent with a nice chew of calamari. Want this? Sure you do, then ask the kind waiter for Seafood Fried Spaghetti with XO Sauce, priced at only RM9.95
Next up, we had grilled meats. The first one we had was the Chicken Chop. Of course this is no ordinary Chicken Chop. Layed with grilled cheese on top, with a slice of ham. It adds more creaminess and saltiness to the already juicy grilled chicken chop. This dish also comes with fries, mashed potato, coleslaw and special sweet sauce for the adventurous dipper. This cheesy Ham Chicken chop costs only RM14.95
Another grilled meat served to us was the Grilled Lamb Chop. Tender, juicy and grilled to release a nice fragrance, i-Hop offers 2 pieces of this good stuff, so there's lot to go around. It comes with fries and coleslaw and generous amount of black pepper sauce, which was also fragrant and holds a nice spiciness. This dish costs only  RM15.95
After consuming those hearty meal, its time to move to our cool and refreshing beverages. Sit a while longer to enjoy the classy ambiance, or enjoy a good football match at the big screen tv located indoors and outdoors. Or surf the internet for free at the computers available, free of charge. Of course in this digital age of mobile gadgetary, utilize their free wi-fi.
First beverage here is the Ice-blended Mocha. Strong Chocolate taste intermittent with a hint of Coffee fragrance, swirling around in ice-cold smoothie. This is such a welcoming drink on warm nights. This refreshing drink costs only RM6.95
Next up their special blend of Classic Milky tea. This earl grey fragrant tea, also has a faint hint of fruitiness, hence is quite different from the Tea place down the road. This tall cool drink costs only RM4.65
For those who want to avoid dairy, here are some healthier alternatives, a Honey Jasmine Green tea with aloe vera cube (RM5.95). Even the name sounds good for you.  A generous amount of honey lends a strong woody sweetiness, while the jamine tea leaf gives a good earthy aroma. The Aloe vera cube gives a nice chewy texture.
For an even natural alternative, try our their juices, and we were lucky to have a sample of Hawaii Sunset (RM5.95). A very fragrant Pineapple juice added with a twist of preserved plum. The sweet and soury juice is dazzled with just a tad hint of saltiness from the plum to playfully reduce a little bit of acidity. 
So remember, look out and look up, and hop in to i-Hop cafe, for a wide, spoilt for choices menu, that is family friendly and pork-free. 

Facebook: iHop Cafe

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