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New Man Tai @ Gaya Street

Beaufort Mee is a must-try food if you happen to be in KK. The special springy noodle, usually cooked with Char Siu (Barbeque Pork), pork and Choy Sum in a gluey gravy is a dish you can find only in Sabah.

New Man Tai @ Gaya Street
Open Lunch and Dinner til 9:00pm
Beaufort Mee RM6.00
In KK town, New Man Tai is the nearest place where you can savour with a plate of Beaufort Mee. Instead of pork, you can also order the Beaufort Mee to be cook with Seafood.
Fried Rice with Chicken RM6.00
Besides the great Beaufort Mee, Char Siu Fried Rice is another famous dish you can find in a Beaufort restaurant's menu. The simple Fried Rice tasted deliciously good and savour with wok taste. Apart from Char Siu Fried Rice, there are also Fried Rice with Chicken and Fried Rice with Seafood which tasted similarly good.
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Nicholas said...

One of my main picks for Dinner time restaurants. My fav dishes there would be the Scrambled Egg with Char Siu (Char Sau Jien Dan) and Vege with Pork (Chai Sim Chu Nyuk).

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