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Restoran Indah Maju @ Sadong Jaya

Monica Monday, May 23, 2011 , , , ,

Tosai is a different type of indian bread where you will only find in a typical mamak stalls. It is very thin and crispy.

Restoran Indah Maju
Location: Corner shop, near Epal Hotel
Tosai Telur Bawang RM2.80
Just like the Roti Telur (Flatbread with egg) you can also order Tosai with egg (Tosai Telur) or Tosai with egg and onion. These delicious Tosai is crispy, non-greasy and tasted good with dhal. Originally, the taste of the Tosai consisted a mild sourish flavour. With egg and onion as an extra ingredient, it become more flavourful and fragrant.
Roti Kosong RM1.20 each
Roti Kosong or Roti Chanai is an Indian flatbread. The layers of dough is pan-fried till crispy on the outside and while still a little chewy on the inside. Dipped with Dhal or Curry sauce, it was delicious.
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