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Maple Cafe @ Damai

Monica Thursday, May 19, 2011 , , , ,

Maple Cafe which is located at the opposite of Glory Church, serve fresh fish caught from fishing lines.

Maple Cafe 
Shop No.48-0, Lot 33,
Ground Floor, Block E,
Damai Plaza Ph.4, Luyang
Lemon Ham Moi RM2.80, Drinking Water RM0.50
Gong Nam Mee RM9.90
Gong Nam Mee is one of the chef's recommended dish in the Menu. It consists of deep-fried noodle topped with seafood and vegetables with starchy gravy. The crunchy noodle will be soften after soaking with the gravy for a while. Hence, you can get to enjoy both the crispy bit and springy texture of the noodle.
Plum sauce Fish Rice RM9.90
Another chef's recommended dish in the Menu is the Plum Sauce Fish with Rice. The fish fillet was lightly coated with batter and deep-fried till golden brown. Then it was coated with grounded peanuts, served with plum sauce and garnished with coriander. The sweet-sourish sauce was delicious while the peanuts brings a nice fragrant to the fish. The fleshy fish fillet was fresh with succulent taste.
Total Paid = RM24.25
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