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Lucy's Kitchen @ 88 Market Place

Have a cup of coffee and a long chit chat at Kopitiam is a hot trend for metropolitan people. With all the franchisee of Oldtown, Ipohtown, PappaRich, Oldie Station and the list goes on and on..., come a new local kopitiam at 88 Marketplace named Lucy's Kitchen.

Lucy's Kitchen @ 88 Marketplace
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Tel: 088-259 866
Comparable with any franchisee's kopitiam, Lucy's Kitchen offers local delights, western cuisine and desserts.
ABC Special + Ice Cream, RM5.90
Rich and creamy shaved ice with nice fragrant, delicious ingredients and refreshing taste.
Milo Monster, RM4.50
Incredibly rich and tasty!!
Super Dooper Burger, RM16.90
Homemade patty, ham, egg, beef, fresh lettuce, cucumber slices and tomato slices sandwiched in between the sesame bun. Meaty and satisfying. 
Singapore Fried Prawn Noodle, RM9.90
Used yellow noodles and thick rice noodle, the Singapore Fried Prawn Noodle was fragrantly good and tasty. Fried with fresh prawns and squids the gravy of the noodle was enriched with succulent taste of the seafood.
Nasi Lemak Pandan with Chicken Rendang, RM9.90
Fragrantly good rice served with incredibly rich Chicken Rendang and sweet-spicy Sambal, served with fried egg, fried anchovies, cucumber slices and roasted peanuts. A recommended dish to Nasi Lemak's lover.
Total paid for dinner, RM47.70
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Travelgirl said...

Ok, this is the first time I ever commented on a restaurant. It was quite a long story but will put it short.

Me and my friends decided to go there for a dessert after seeing a massive of advertisement on the newspaper. On the menu, the pictures of the food they serve looks pretty AWE-some and luxury. So we ordered Banana fritters, caramel pudding and waffles. The banana fritters came first and the whole table was shocked. It was a big white plate with 1 curve banana on the middle that cut into 5 pieces. THATS IT. Now FYI, the picture on that menu for that food has 5 nicely fritter BANANAS with 1 scoop of ice cream and syrup. It was 1 instead of 5 different ratio! We asked for the ice cream and they claimed that they had forgotten about it.(No one asked about the bananas because we were laughing our ass off) So in the end 1 small banana and 1 scoop of ice cream. We were suppose to share it but I guess it won't be enough.

Next, the caramel pudding. Before this was served, the menu showed that the pudding has a strawberry on top and the price is around RM3 I think. After the banana incident, we can guess that there won't be a strawberry. It turned out to be true! And there we go again, laughing so hard. So one of my friends asked about the strawberry thing. The waiter then showed us the back of the menu. It states there "The pictures showed in the menu is just for illustration." LOL! Ok, we were speechless and still speechless. HAHA

I noticed about the main course and other foods on other tables. They looked fine to me and not as small portion as we had. So my conclusion is everything was good except the pictures in the menu. Seriously. HAHA! It was a funny experience though so no sweat! Go for a try guys!

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