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Kedai Kopi Hong Seng @ Kolombong

Monica Sunday, May 15, 2011 , , ,

For only RM6.00, you can get a decent meal from Kedai Kopi Hong Seng. Known for serving good food at reasonable prices, the restaurant is always crowded with people especially during dinner hours.

Kedai Kopi Hong Seng
Kolombong (Opposite Giant Supermarket)
Chicken Chop Rice RM6.00
The huge single meal comes with a selection of food; from chicken, fish, prawn to pork and beef. Being one of the common order in the restaurant, the Chicken Chop Rice consists of deep-fried Chicken Chop topped with sweet and sourish sauce. It was appetizingly good, doesn't tasted greasy and goes really well with rice.
Bittergourd with Beef Rice RM6.00
A balance diet always included some green vegetables. Don't be overly surprise when you dine at Kedai Kopi Hong Seng if you happen to order the Bittergourd with Beef Rice as it comes with a really huge portion. Generously given bittergourd stir-fried with beef slices in black bean sauce. Well, lets the photo do the talk. 

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Nicholas said...

My top destination for Lunch hours. Mainly because of their few signature dishes which include anything with their chicken chop (salad chicken, sweet & sour chicken, lemon chicken etc) and also their Assam Laksa Fish. The gravy is so good you could even eat it with rice only. Price is reasonable too.

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