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De Patio @ Harbour City

We were introduced by a friend to visit a nice and warm little restaurant tucked at a corner of Harbour City, with a quaint name to boot - De Patio. This restaurant serves mainly western cuisine and judging from their patronage, quite the popular choice amongst locals. Flip open their menu and you will find a variety of burgers, pastas, soups, meat dishes, and pretty much your average.

De' Patio @ Harbour City
D-G-2  (D-3-1), Level 1,
Harbour City, Sembulan
88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Tel: 088-487616
Despite their average menu, its their execution that is perhaps what really draws customers to their eatery.
Bread with butter
French Fries Au-gratin, RM6.90
Meatball Spaghetti, RM13.90
First off, we start with their Meatball Stew Spaghetti, which teasingly has a hint of curry and other spice, while laden with near golfball sized meatballs and pasta which was cooked at just the right firmness.

Beef Bolo Lagsana, RM15.50
Next the beef bolo lasagna. Although at first glance it looks like just a small portion, but once you tuck in you'll realise not only were they generous with the mozzarella cheese, but there were also an abundant tasty and fragrant beef filling inside. At the end, you'll know that finishing this dish was no easy feat.

Beef, RM37.90
The beef dish usually comes with mashed potato and vege. The beef was medium well done, hence retained that really beefy taste. It was also tender and fragrant with spices.

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Bibilui said...

My friends and I visited De Patio. I think we were a bit unlucky where we paid about RM 130 for a totally unsatisfied meal. We ordered ceaser salad but it turn out fresh garden salad. The grill chicken chop we ordered came in a very small portion,the buttered vegetable is tasteless, the bake potato was like potato soaking in hot water, the grill chicken itself was totally out as if the meat has been kept in the fridge for so long. The price of the chicken chop is RM 20.90 exclusive of 6% tax and 10% service charge. I really don't mind paying if the food served was good but De Patio turn out to be really really really disappointing.

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