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DEEP SEA Seafood Restaurant @ Hilltop

Fancy about Seafood and don't mind paying more for some quality food? Deep Sea Seafood Restaurant will be one of the place where you should give it a try.

Deep Sea Seafood Restaurant
Shop Lot No.38, Ground Floor Shop,
3S Centre, Taman Hilltop, Jalan Lintas
88300 Kota Kinabalu.
Tel: +6088 538668

During our previous visit, we had a pleasant Mantis Prawn;s meal with a little surprise. Hence, we decided to come back for more.
Fish Maw Soup, RM30.00

Sashimi Lobster (whole lobster, RM240)
Tonight, the highlight of the meal was the Sashimi Lobster. Served fresh with some lemon and coriander, the lobster meat tasted sweet and juicy on its own even without any dipping sauce.
Lobster cooked in Superior Soup (whole lobster, RM240)
The leftover Lobster's meat and shell was used to cooked another delicious dish, Lobster cooked with Superior Soup. Every single bit of the Lobster was not send to waste to the dump site. 
Sauteed Clams with ginger and onion, RM20.00
Succulent clams cooked with spring onion and ginger, lightly seasoned, tasted just right with some steamed rice.
Poached Shellfish, RM20.00
Poached Shellfish or more well-known as Tung Fong Lo is a type of seafood you can find in Sabah. The succulent meat required no dipping sauce to enhance its taste. However, for a little more exotic flavour, you can opt to dip with some fermented beancurd sauce which was served together with the dish.
Choy Sum with Oyster Sauce, RM15.00
Steamed Tilapia with Spicy Beanpaste sauce, RM35.00
Sweet-spicy and sourish sauce goes best with Steamed Tilapia fish. Appetizingly good and tasty.

Total paid for dinner, RM402.40
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