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Wow Savers 50% Discount @ Pizza Hut

Monica Thursday, May 5, 2011 , , ,

In case you are not aware of the Pizza Hut's current promotion, we are here to remind you about it! 
The offers is available from Monday to Friday at Pizza Hut's outlets
Drinks (Pepsi comes with Sensasi Delight Set)
Well, for budget eater dining alone, besides the Wow Savers promotion, you can also opt for the Sensasi Delight which only cost RM9.95(including tax).
Mushroom Soup (comes with Sensasi Delight Set)
Bread Stick (Comes with Sensasi Delight Set)
Meatball Spaghetti RM5.25 (Normal Price: RM10.50)
Trio Chicken Pizza (Sensasi Delight Set) RM9.95 including tax
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