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Tasty Place @ Towering

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Tasty Place, being designated champion of Soy Sauce Chicken in a cooking competition, is also the first restaurant which offers Chilli Pan Mee in KK. The restaurant is located at the new shop lots in Towering, near the famous Mdm. Ing Fish Head.

Tasty Place
Location: New shop lot in Towering, near Mdm Ing Fish Noodle
Chilli Pan Mee RM6.00
The Pan Mee comes with mince pork, fried anchovies, poached egg and chili flake. Mix all the ingredients well before you eat it. The homemade noodle was unexceptionally springy. Poached egg was added to enhance the smoothness of the noodle. Both the flavours of the minced pork and chilli flakes were mild, hence, the overall taste of the Chilli Pan Mee was really light.

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