WorldHotels Presents a Taste of Gourmet Rice Dumplings this Dragon Boat Festival

Celebrated by Chinese families all over the world on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month every year, the Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional holiday filled with festival foods and good cheer. An indispensable part of the tradition, rice dumplings are typically served and shared with families and friends. WorldHotels, comprising a global offering of 300 luxury and upper upscale hotels and resorts, has curated a list of gourmet rice dumplings from hotels that add imaginative spins on the traditional fare, offering the ultimate gastronomic experience.

Carlton Hotel Singapore
This year, Carlton Hotel Singapore’s Dim Sum Chef Yiu Cheuk Yin from award-winning Wah Lok puts a twist on the traditional Cantonese rice dumpling by infusing local flavours into the savoury treat. The hotel’s new offerings, Roast Chicken Rice Dumpling and Roast Duck Rice Dumpling (SGD 18.80 each), come topped with slices of tender roast chicken or slices of succulent roast duck and are filled with pork, dried scallops, salted duck egg, dried shrimp, chestnuts, mushrooms and green beans. Cleverly incorporating popular local flavours while preserving all the delicious goodness of the classic Cantonese rice dumpling, Carlton Hotel Singapore’s local renditions are a must-try.
Available from 28 May to 25 June 2020, the rice dumplings can be ordered by visiting or by calling +65 6311 8188.
The Kunlun Jing An, Shanghai, China
At The Kunlun Jing An in Shanghai, Jin Yan stays true to the flavours of Cantonese gastronomy with an extensive selection of gourmet rice dumplings. For those who prefer savoury rice dumplings, the Dumpling with Pork and Porcini Mushroom features the restaurant’s special house-made XO sauce to elevate its taste and texture. Those with a sweet tooth can opt for the innovative Dumpling with Lotus Seed Paste. Inspired by the concept of traditional mooncakes, Executive Dim Sum Chef Ye Huiqiang came up with the idea of stuffing lotus seed paste into sticky white rice and wrapping the rice dumpling in lotus leaves instead of the usual bamboo leaves for a refreshing fragrance. Other rice dumplings flavours include Dumpling with Pork, Chinese Ham and Dried Scallops and Purple Rice Dumpling with Red Bean Paste.

The rice dumplings are available in gift boxes of eight rice dumplings (RMB 168) and can be purchased at Xian Yan, Jin Yan, and Gourmet Corner in The Kunlun Jing An or by calling +86 21 6248 0000 (1741). Each purchase entitles the buyer to an e-voucher worth RMB 68 which can be used at Xian Yan or Jin Yan.
Worldhotel Grand Jiaxing Hunan, China
The Chinese Restaurant at Worldhotel Grand Jiaxing Hunan is serving up an array of new selections and perennial favourites for the Dragon Boat Festival this year. Notable highlights would be the Chinese Mugwort Rice Dumpling with Red Bean Paste, which incorporates the aromatic mugwort herb in the glutinous rice used to encase the velvety red bean paste, as well as the luxurious Abalone and Pork Rice Dumpling, an indulgent treat which contains a whole abalone and barbecued pork wrapped in soft glutinous rice. Classic rice dumplings flavours are also available, including the Original Rice Dumpling, Fresh Pork Rice Dumpling, Lye Dumpling and Salted Egg Yolk Rice Dumpling.

Rice dumpling gift sets are available at RMB 188 (a box of 14 dumplings) and RMB 298 (a box of 18 dumplings) and can be ordered by calling +86 (731) 8978 8888. Purchase before 5 June 2020 to enjoy a 20% discount.
The Royal Garden, Hong Kong
The Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant’s Executive Chef Ho Wai-sing has created many mouth-watering flavours of rice dumplings over the years, making use of contemporary and premium ingredients to provide consumers with inventive epicurean delicacies. New creations this year include the Salted Egg Yolk, Preserved Meat and Conpoy Glutinous Rice Dumpling (HKD 248), Salted Meat Glutinous Rice Dumpling (HKD 158) and Red Bean Paste with Dried Mandarin Peel Glutinous Rice Dumpling (HKD 148). Past favourites such as the Supreme Black Truffle and Parma Ham Rice Dumpling (HKD 248), Kagoshima Pork and Dried Sakura Shrimp Rice Dumpling (HKD 248) and the Okinawa Black Sugar, Sweet Potato Puree and Black Glutinous Rice Dumpling (HKD 148) are also available.
To order the gourmet rice dumplings, visit or call +852 2733 2045. Purchase before 16 June 2020 to enjoy a 15% discount.
The Sunworld Dynasty Hotel Taipei
Presenting a healthy spin on the traditional rice dumplings, the Magnolia Court in The Sunworld Dynasty Hotel Taipei is introducing three new flavours that are perfect for the health enthusiast. Inspired by the famous Chinese dish Wuxi Spareribs, Sous Chef Lin Yuan-Jung created the Black Rice Dumpling Wuxi Style with Sweet Braised Pork Belly and Chestnuts, featuring pork belly that has been braised for 1.5 hours in the chef’s secret sauce and stir-fried with Shaoxing wine. The Chicken Cheese Turmeric Rice Dumpling comes stuffed with juicy free-range chicken and crunchy white Bunapi mushrooms, and is paired with a special sauce made using melted cheese and truffle. Lastly, the Vegetarian Dumpling with Multi-Grain Rice and Mushrooms is one suitable for all diets, generously filled with a variety of mushrooms that have been stir-fried with black sesame oil, ginger and basil.
Gift sets are available from NT$650-$920, consisting of boxes of 4-5 rice dumplings, and can be ordered by calling +866 02 2719 8399 (3366). Purchase of a gift set entitles the buyer to a complimentary insulated thermal bag. Purchase before 25 June 2020 to enjoy discounts up to 40% (terms and conditions apply).
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