DURIAN FEVER IS HERE! Learn how to prepare & serve this seasonal delight!

It happens every year around this time. Something is palpably different in the air—it’s thick and dizzyingly sweet. People get a wild look in their eyes as long lines form on the streets and corners, to wait and wait. But for what? What is this phenomenon? A Jay-Z concert? The zombie apocalypse? No. It’s durian season in Southeast Asia. Never has a culture been more excited and willing to do anything for a single fruit—the mysterious and singular durian. The fervor and passion it generates is beyond belief. Comparing it to other fruits is the most extreme example of the fruit-forward expression “apples to oranges,” with durian leaving all others in the dust.

But for a fruit so beloved, it doesn’t make itself easy to love. Everything about it is bold and over the top, it’s a dare on top of a dare. To begin with it’s covered with forbidding spikes, like a fearsome medieval weapon. (In fact, durian comes from the Malay word for “spikes” or “thorns.”) To make matters worse, it’s nearly impossible to open. Compared to the gentle surrender a banana, durian’s reluctance to yield is a complete pain. To open it, you have to hack it along the five or so radial spines that are barely perceptible between the spikes. (Locals use a tool that looks something like a hoe-slash-machete.) The hacking alone breaks a sweat, but prying it open is like pulling apart the jaws of an alligator.

The team at At-Sunrice Global Chef Acadamy has prepared the definative guide and video on how to prepare and serve this seasonal delight. You can check it out here - and if you want to speak with anyone at At-Sunrice about this amazing fruit just let us know!

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