The Sky is the Limit at SkyAvenue Mall vII!

Up here again in the City in the Clouds, this time for another food trail adventure lasting 12 hours! You know, every time I come up here to enjoy the cool ambience of Resorts World Genting (RWG), there is always something new to see and try. Indeed, this place is nearly unrecognizable when compared to the last time I was here as a young ahem adult. Of course, while we are waiting for the new theme park to regale us, we have the new SkyAvenue to explore! Want to know more, READ on!
This is what the report card looks like, but do not be fooled. This ain't my report card, I failed to eat at all the respective outlets in the given time. Oh well~
As mentioned before, the SkyAvenue Mall is an impressive structure, being 1.434 million sq ft of gross floor area. There are five floors in all, with each offering a different experience on entertainment, dining and retailing. When this place fully opens at optimum occupancy, there will be 168 tenants and 160 brands to try. I have spent the whole of last year exploring this new place, and if you would like to read up on my previous food trail, you can read all about it here.
Accessability is really not an issue, as you can now take the bus up and then continue the journey via cable car. Whilst I usually drive myself up here in my trusty car, I do enjoy the cable car rides. And now that the cable car connects with the new Awana Bus Station with it's own mall like atmosphere and with it's close proximity to Genting Premium Outlets, there is literally something for everybody.

Me? I like coming here for cool air and FOOD. In this write up, we were supposed to cover 12 outlets in 12 hours, but you know me, I couldn't possibly scarf down all those good foods in such a short span of time. So I had to play the selective game, so here is how my food trail went, beginning with my first stop.

Street Churros

My first stop of the day was at Street Churros. Yeah, this was breakfast. You ought to know, churros is traditionally a deep-fried snack made from dough. It originates from Spain and Portugal and widely eaten as street food, the same way we Malaysians consume copious amounts of Cucur Pisang from roadside stalls and pasar malams. And that's where the fun begins, because Street Churros is actually a franchise from Korea. Here in the Klang Valley they have 7 outlets, but the one here inside SkyAvenue is of course the coolest literally by far.

The Churros were crispy and their excellent soft-serve was smooth and creamy. The combination of the two was both sweet and savory, absolutely loved it! My personal fave was of course the Churro Hot Dog, which came with pickled toppings.

ACME Bar & Coffee

Heheh, I remember my last visit to ABC, or ACME Bar & Coffee fondly. It happened at the same time during Mother's Day last year, and boy did I enjoy myself then. If you want to read up about my visit to ACME at SkyAvenue, can read it here.

ABC has some very lavish interiors, couples would do well to mark this place as the ambience inside seems more fitting for a dinner for two. The foods here are of the generous and hearty kind, I especially loved their English Breakfast with the sautéed mushrooms. Another good recommend here is the Mushroom Soup with some nice big croutons for a change. I was a little hungry so I also got myself some good ol' fashioned Mac & Cheese, and to finish it off, do not forget to ask for their Sizzling Brownie!

AGED Restaurant and Bar

The latest addition to SkyAvenue, AGED Restaurant and Bar is a contemporary restaurant staffed with young people whose passion is to serve good food paired with excellent and attentive service. And when I say good food, I mean it! Their menu is quite innovative, perhaps one of the best I've seen in a while and they really do aim to please, so much that I'll be putting up a separate review for AGED.

They also maintain a very active Facebook Page and it is constantly being updated about the new stuff they are trying out. While I was there savouring their foods, I learned that they specialise in serving European styled cuisines with very well cured and aged meats. The highlight during my visit to this restaurant has got to be the Tomahawk. It's an Australian Black Angus Rib that is served Medium Rare in the shape of a tomahawk throwing axe geddit? whence it got its name with a texture and flavour so good, I have yet to taste a better Black Angus Beef elsewhere.

AGED Bar and Restaurant also has an excellent selection of wines and whiskies. They also make some really good Cocktails, this place is well worth a visit and in the future, may warrant winning a Michelin Star or Two.

UPDATE 2.2.2018: Separate write-up for AGED Restaurant and Bar can be found here.


Man, I really liked this joint. Goon Wah is literally an old school chinese restaurant they do not have a website or FB page serving classic chinese dishes. They are quite famous for their XO Fish Head Noodles, and they do have a lot of old favourites like their Claypot Curry and the Claypot Loh Shu Fan. The no frills restaurant is a welcome change from the lavish opulence of other restaurants, here you can just sit back and be yourself, just as you would do back in your hometown backyard.

Tokyo Secret

Before we departed the SkyAvenue, we had to collect our goodie bags at Tokyo Secret and partake in some delicious Cheese Cake and their special Cheese Milk Tea! OMG, I can feel the calories being put on but I persevered in the name of good food food coma go away please. Since my last write up, Tokyo Secret has been doing quite well nationally, they have other stores in the Klang Valley, Penang, Malacca and Johore. Their popularity as an any-time snack is apparent, there is almost always a queue of customers at this outlet here in skyAvenue, Genting.

After Goon Wah, we declared it breaktime! Breaktime from eating! I was just about to enter another Food coma, so it was rather timely that we stepped out of SkyAvenue to check out the other venues in the Food Trail further down the mountain at the Awana Bus Terminal. But you know, tired of driving right? So we took the new Awana Skyway, the latest cable service down! It was an exhilirating ride, and for those of you who are afraid of heights, don't look down, look at the sky there is really nothing to be afraid off!
And when me and my friends arrived, we were sure surprised. Check out the latest addition to RWG, the Awana Bus Terminal!
So much shopping and restaurants, are you sure it is a Bus Terminal? I am not sure Yes it is!


So our first stop after all the foods at SkyAvenue, was a belated tea time here at Nam Heong Ipoh. This is not so much a restaurant, as it is a contemporary chinese coffee shop. Originally from Ipoh, Nam Heong has been in business almost ever since the founding of Malaya. It is much famed for serving authentic dishes from the city of Ipoh, the capital city of Perak state. They have an excellent menu filled with choices, ranging from Dim Sum, Toast and Dumplings, Noddles, Rice and Roasted Meats, as well as an array of clssic Malaysian desserts such as Cendol, Red Bean Soup and Soya Bean Custard @ Tau Foo Fah. For me, a must have is of course the much famed Ipoh White Coffee. It is like the quintessential drink for all things Ipoh.

Dao Rae Korean BBQ Retaurant

Oh, I loved this place, Gogi-gui is a popular Korean cuisine, where a bunch of friends and family sit around a fire pit table (you know, those tables where a stove is built into it) and enjoy the process of grilling meat alongside several dishes, including the ever present dish of Kimchi. It pretty much revolves around choosing a Bulgogi (cutlets of meat), Galbi (ribs) or Jumulleok (short steak), where you can also pick the kind of meat which you would like to eat, as well as picking out a set of the choice cuts. All these meats are already marinated according to their type, with the most common ingredients being soy sauce, salt, sesame oil and spices.

At Daorae, all their BBQ sets comes with a standard array of banchan (side dishes), more can be added according to your choosing. This is usually accompanied with a pitcher of tea which you can have either hot or cold, or if you are inclined, a bottle of your favourite soju or beer. When you combine this with the delicious cool air of Genting and some good company even the usually grumpy ones, you are bound to have a good time.

Taiwan Little Chef

Now, readers of Everyday Food I Love may remember that I once wrote about China having eight distinct cuisine styles. Well, Taiwanese Cuisine is actually an amalgamation of these distinct 8 cuisines, in addition to what they incorporated from the Hoklo people. The Hoklo accounts for about 70% of the population in Taiwan, they are Hokkien-speaking people who originated from Fujian province in China, who took on native indigenous wives in Taiwan.

Taiwanese Cuisine usually revolves around the usage of pork, seafood, chicken, rice and soy as common ingredients. Beef remains almost an exception in Taiwanese cuisine, but there is the Beef Noodle Soup. The foods here are of the generous, hearty and hale variety, meaning when you look at it, the foods literally conjures up slogans of "EAT UP". For myself, a popular favourite has always been the Braised Pork Rice and the Ham Tan Sotong @ Salted Egg Yolk Squid!

Tyrant Seafood Plateau

Now I do not understand why they would name this restaurant as such, but it makes perfect sense in Chinese. Back in the old days of China where dictatorship was the norm, I reckon only well-to-do noble families or people going for large family gatherings nearby the seacoast indulged in these wholsesomely large and intimidating platters of freshly boiled seafood simmering in a good broth. The principle is almost similiar to those in steamboat, except that you do not have the luxury of adding additional ingredients, the platter and whatever it is to be eaten comes as is.

We dutifully sat down and enjoyed this, the broth was very good and the seafood of prawns, mussels, crab and squid were very fresh, which is quite impressive considering this restaurant is located at the top of a hill some 3000 feet high and miles away inland from the nearest fishing port. When I was eating here, they also served a special Green Chilli sauce, which somehow automatically made everything taste good despite us having been doing nothing except eating and eating and eating oh my calories all day! Based on the portions you can see we actually ordered this which was the smallest set, this restaurant caters more towards families as opposed to the lone individual diner.

Kenny Rogers Roasters

Kenny Rogers Roasters has always been a classic family favourite, in fact, I am wondering why am I writing this at all, except perhaps tell you that if you're craving for some good old-fshioned roasted chicken, there is Kenny Rogers Roasted Chicken here at the Awana Bus Terminal! Everybody I know and probably everybody that YOU know has eaten at one of their outlets the world over. Heck, do I even need to tell you about their famous Kenny's Home Made Muffins? They have a really good menu, my personal favourite has always been Kenny's Quarter Chicken, with Mac and Cheese and Mashed Potatoes as my choice of sides. Interestingly enough, they also serve Red Velvet Cake...

The good news for light travellers is that all their meals at Kenny Roger's Roasters at Awana Bus Terminal is served ready-to-go, so you need not worry about missing that important bus ride back to home.

Seremban Siew Pau Empire

This is a very well-known bakery among the chinese peoples in the Klang Valley. Their pastries are light and fluffy, with a nice skin texture and sweet and savory fillings depending on your choice. I had a goodie bag takeaway from this place, but did you know they also have dine-in options at their outlet here in Awana Bus Terminal? If you ever have cravings or just want to take away some classic foods for the journey home, make sure to stop by here and pick up your fair share of the good pastries available. My favourite is of course Siew Pau!

And with that, ended my food adventure for the day. It was about 10pm already, so we headed back to the SkyAvenue via the SkyWay in order to catch a Late Night Comedy with Atul Khatri! I appreciated most of his jokes as he and I were about the same age, he spoke alot about married life thank god Imma bachelor with no kids and the difficulties of raising a family in the 21st century.
Atul's show is not for kids however, and is meant for a mature audience. I found it funny that some fella sneaked in their 15 year old kid sibling and when he found, Atul told him with his indian accent, "Oh well, later, take him to the casino and teach him everything."

Ah well, I reckon we fared quite well this time around although it took me sometime to get this write-up done. Special thanks to RWG and the PR Team for inviting me up for the 12-Hour food Trail! If you wanna see more photos from this food Adventure, you can check out my FB Page album here.

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