A'roma Dinings at Paramount Garden, Petaling Jaya

In the heart of Old Petaling Jaya is perhaps one of the district’s best kept secret; an Italian restaurant par excellence. Everyday Food I Love was pleasantly surprised to discover this place because as everyone knows, Petaling Jaya is more famed for many good Chinese restaurants, notwithstanding the hang-outs of many outstanding street food joints. Curious? Step inside with us to learn more.

A'roma Dinings
1, Jalan 20/14, Paramount Garden,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
+603-7865 9829
A’roma Dinings is a well-furnished ristorante, with a cool air-conditioned dining area and an alfresco-styled area where a DJ spins music. The place is adorned with lavish chandeliers that give off a nice warm light in the evenings and wonderful murals cover two interior walls.
We found the place quite cosy, and the staff there are attentive and helpful. We met up with Ken and Benji, both passionate young men who manages the place and they talked about their hopes for a’Roma, which has been operating here for the last 10 months. After a round of talks, we made ourselves comfortable and awaited with an eager palate.
a’Roma Dinings have a nice range of drinks, but of particular interest to readers are the teas and coffees available here. For teas, they have eight (8) flavours from Harney and Sons, but the literal Jewel-in-the-Crown should go to their in-house coffee, DEGAYO.
Now DeGayo is a coffee company specialising in the production of arabica coffee beans. Their coffee beans are grown specifically in the Gayo Highlands of Indonesia, which has a unique microclimate and is fertile with volcanic soil. Coffee beans from the Gayo Highlands are known internationally as the Sumatra Organic Gayo, also known alternatively as the Arabica Gayo. These high-quality coffee beans are shipped and roasted locally at a professional facility in Shah Alam, where they are paired with sophisticated brewing methods to produce a unique signature blend. In other words, the DEGAYO coffee blend used in a’Roma is special, so now you know where to get some really good coffee.
Focaccia with Tomato Salsa
We did not have long to wait, for as an appetiser, we were treated to Focaccia on a serving board. It had a nice thin crust, which was soft and warm. Accompanying it was a dish of tomato salsa which was fried with garlic and chilli flakes, it imparted an enjoyable spicy contrast to the homely focaccia. The Focaccia is made upon ordering, so patrons of a’Roma are assured of something to munch on while waiting for their Entrée.
Norwegian Smoked Salmon
The Focaccia was soon followed with this interesting salad. The ensemble was made of up salad and rocket leaf, slices of pickled beetroot, rolls of Norwegian Smoked Salmon and half a boiled egg crowned with salmon roe. All of this was served on top of a slice of Mortadella, a cold cut Italian sausage which originates from Bologna.
DID YOU KNOW? Traditionally, Mortadella Bologna is spiced with black pepper, myrtle berries, and pistachios. The recipe for Mortadella varies in other parts of Italy and around the world however, with some substitution of meats and spices to local taste.
Spaghettini Alle Vongole 👍
This entrée quickly became the author’s favourite. Fresh clams are first boiled to stock, and then the stock used to cook the spaghettini. This infusion of flavour from the very start helps to bolden the character of this dish, and you cannot help but appreciate the fine attention to details. The clams on the other hand are then pan-fried and seared with extra virgin olive oil, garlic and chilli flakes. The resultant savoury dish was a delight, and whilst the author is not really a big fan of clams, it was all eaten up by him. Down to the last clam. 😁
On a side note, a’Roma Dinings makes their own pasta from scratch with the help of a pasta making machine. Spaghettini is longer and finer than Spaghetti, but not so refined or thin as Angel Hair.
Costolette D’Agnello 👍👍
This quickly became a favourite for our confrère Angeline. A lamb rack is liberally spiced with a covering of Harissa & Herb, which is then served on top of a bed of mashed potatoes sitting atop artfully arranged grilled capsicum and zucchini. The entire ensemble is served on a serving board but it was an easy feat to dig into as the lamb was tender and juicy. This dish is rated two-thumbs up!
DID YOU KNOW? Harissa is a hot spicy paste which originates from the Barbary coast, the ancient homeland of the Berber people. Today, the region is better known as the Greater Maghreb of the Arab Maghreb Union which comprises of modern day Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia. Whilst Tunisia remains the major exporter of pre-made Harissa worldwide, it is still widely regarded as an important condiment used in Berber cuisine in North Africa. The main ingredients of Harissa are variations of Hot Chilli peppers unique to the region, garlic paste, coriander seeds, saffron, rose or caraway and olive / vegetable oil.
Tiramisu 👍
This amazing Italian dessert is made up of ladyfingers, which is topped with Mascarpone zabaione and a dusting of cocoa powder. It is accompanied with strawberries, almonds, caramelised sugar and mint leaves and the entire ensemble sits atop a bed of melted dark cocoa fudge mixed with the a’Roma signature coffee, DEGAYO.
During the course of dinner, we were also given a glass of Remole Toscana 2014. The Remole Toscana 2014 is an intense deep purple-red in colour. The aroma was playfully delightful, with a hint of berries and spices. It is medium bodied, with a dry fruity finish.
DID YOU KNOW? The Frescobaldi family have been making wines in Villa di Remole, Tuscany for the past 700 years. Their wines are unfailingly ranked among the top 100 wines in the world annually (Wine.com). Their Remole range of wines are soft and fruity, and often regarded as a good, ready-to-drink-from-the-bottle table wine.
Our visit to a’Roma was a highly enjoyable one. To sum it up, good food, specially brewed coffees and teas, staffed with genuinely amiable people combined with a splendid ambience makes for a truly hospitable experience. Grab a date and check it out now!
And just a little plug here, starting this month, our favourites will be accompanied with a 👍 as an indication of a must try! Cheers!
With Best Regards, Marv.7 @ Everyday Food I Love. #WOLO

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