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Have you ever tried Squid Ink Fettucine before? No? Then follow us on this month’s adventure, as we return to the Nexus in Bangsar South to pay a visit and check out the latest FnB outlet to hit the scene, Fratello Italiano Ristorante! Opened on the 16 May 2016, Fratello is located on the first floor of the Nexus. You can’t miss it, it is just after the escalator. It is a big place, with two sections devoted for patrons, the first being an air-conditioned area and the second a spacious alfresco styled-area. The atmosphere of the place was warm and inviting while the staff themselves are attentive to your needs. If you are looking to have some good Italian food, come on over to the Fratello Italiano Ristorante.

Fratello Italiano Ristorante
Lot 1-10, Level 1,
No.7 Jalan Kerinchi
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
General Enquiries: 03-22423603
Fax: 03-22423130
Reservation /catering / events: 017-2249577 Zianne
Email - [email protected]
[email protected]
Fratello Italiano Ristorante specialises in hand-made pastas and pizzas. Their secret recipe for pizza dough produces an amazing pizza crust is not only thin and firm, but tasty. Pizzas comes in a standard 10 inch wide wheel, while their largest pizza is the Famiglia at 16 inches wide. If you like your pizzas in a bigger size however, ask to speak to the staff and they will do what they can to fulfil your desires. My favourite thing about the way they serve their pizzas is that it comes freshly hot on a wooden lazy-Susan.
Their pastas on the other hand, are a cut above the norm. They are all handmade with fresh ingredients, and come in a variety of flavours ranging from tomato, chilli, dill, parsley and squid ink! Discerning diners will be glad to know that there are no artificial colouring nor added preservatives in their pastas. The colourful pastas are visually tantalising and coupled with great taste.

Everything is made with fresh ingredients and prepared to great taste at the Fratello Italiano Ristorante. During our short stay, we sampled many delights, the following of which follows.
Foglia di Rucola : Rocket Leaf Salad (RM18)
This green dish was a good change from all the usual salads that has become so common place in the dining scene. It comprises mainly of fresh Rocket Leaf tossed with lemon oil, on a bed of tapenade and garnished with shaved Pecorino cheese. As an option, you may also switch the Pecorino to Parmesan cheese. As far as Insalata goes, I would highly recommend this dish to vegetarian lovers.
Trio Bruschetta : Bruschetta Three Ways (RM19)
This simple aperitif comprises of toasted breads, and it is served with three different toppings in the manner of its namesake. The three different toppings are Sautéed mushrooms mixed with garlic, thyme and olive oil; Boursin spread lightly dusted with chili flakes and topped with rocket leaf dredged with honey; and lastly the all familiar Classic tomato with basil, onion and olive oil mix. The three were very well-balanced in terms of taste and texture, with the Sautéed mushrooms being mushy and chewy and the Classic tomato with its juicy and savoury taste. The Boursin spread was also delicious, lending an experience reminiscent of dining on mini-sandwiches.
Zuppa di Pesce : Seafood Soup (RM35)
This savory soup is best consumed hot, with the tomato-base lending an enticing sweet and tarty taste to the concoction of prawns, mussels, scallops and crabmeat.
Tortellini Burro Bianco (RM36)
This delightful dish was completely demolished as soon as it arrived. Tortellinis in three flavours of beetroot, mixed Italian herbs and spinach were wading in a mouth-watering pool of creamy garlic sauce, lightly flavoured with sundried tomatoes. The tortellinis were succulent, and the sauce left a rich tantalising taste on the taste buds, leaving you wishing for more.
Fettuccine Aglio Olio (RM18)
Traditionally, these little ribbons of pasta features prominently in Roman and Tuscan cuisine. It is always made fresh with eggs and flour, and in Fratello they come in three colours and flavours.! Cooked with olive oil, garlic and herbs, you may also select your preference of three variations of spiciness, starting from Not Spicy to Very Spicy!
Cannelloni con Ripieno (RM28)
Cannelloni are handmade pastas in the shape of a tube. It is usually stuffed, and served on a tomato sauce base and a cheese topping. Fratello’s Cannelloni con Ripieno is stuffed with chicken and spinach, which is then oven baked where all the ingredients are fused together and served hot!
Stracci Funghi Alfredo (RM28)
This exquisite dish became a quick favourite, with the handmade pasta with herbs served on a generous bed of buttery cream sauce of fresh mushrooms and truffle oil, garnished with dill. The usage of dill lends a wonderful aroma and imparts a subtle but warm taste peculiar to the herb. It blends very well however and on a whole it is quite enjoyable.
Rack of Lamb /w brown sauce infused with mixed herbs (RM65)
This Lamb Rack is served with Brown sauce which is infused with rosemary herbs. It sits on top of a bed of mashed potatoes and a side of Rocket Leaf Salad and grilled Tomato.
Chicken Parmagiana (RM34)
Not many restaurant can do this dish properly, oft times the chicken meat encrusted within the bread crumbs is too dry, tough or tasteless. Have no fear! Fratello’s Chicken Parmagiana is a succulent treat, with the tender and moist chicken meat inside balanced well with the crusty breadcrumb exterior. It is served topped with a Pizzaiolla sauce and cheese and a side of Rocket Leaf Salad.
Pizza Famiglia (RM59)
This large 16 inch wide pizza is meant for sharing with a family or 4 persons. Fratello’s special pizza crust is topped with tomato sauce, cheese, turkey ham, roast capsicum, mushrooms, egg and rocket leaf. This pizza is a feast for hungry people!
Signature Dish: Lamb Shank (RM46)
Panna Cotta w/ berry coulis (RM18)
Yummy, you'll love this.
Tiramisu (RM20)
This tiramisu is fantastic, non-alcohol...must try it! Best ever dessert to end your dinner.
Warsteiner (RM23)
A good quality German Beer available here
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