Drishti Yoga Teacher Training 2013 in Casperia, Italy

Destination yoga teacher training has become one of the in thing now with the wellness travel gaining popularity. Deepen your experience and your practice through a balance of yoga, nutrition and a simple, natural setting to achieve "sattva" (Sanskrit word describing a state of harmony, balance, joy and intelligence that radiates from the inside out). The healthy getaway includes morning meditation, yoga class, philosophy, anatomy and afternoon yoga classes. Drishti Yoga Teacher Training Course includes 2 meals and lodging (based on double occupancy).

“I stumbled across The Drishti Yoga Teacher Training Course at Casperia, Italy from 03rd - 26th Oct. 2013, over the internet while I was in search of a reputable Yoga Teacher's Training School to further my Yoga practice. After going through their esteem website, I was confident that Drishti Teacher Training School will be my choice to enhance my Yoga practice since year 2000.

During the Yoga Teacher Training Course, I learned the numerous Ashtanga Yoga poses that empowers my arms, shoulders, abdomen and overall balance. This training widened up my scope on Yoga teaching and will definitely enhance my Yoga skills yet to another higher level.

The Meditation was another great experience for me as I was not very much into it earlier. Its inspiring and relaxing, enhancing one's ability to focus, look-in deep inside our very own body and soul, thus creating a rejuvenating me every time I meditate. I believe that was how Gautama Buddha got enlightened.

Casperia, Italy is a fantastic natural Retreat. The air is clean, sweet and the atmosphere is tranquil and full of fresh natural energies. It was a great choice by Carri and Sarah. Every morning, we were greeted by clean fresh air that filled our lungs and heart with renewed energies and enthusiasm to push further and higher into the Yoga practice.

The Diet was splendid, both nourishing and tasty and in fact colourful too with different kinds of vegetables, beans, nuts, oats, cereals and all fresh greens & fruits that provide energy, power and spirit for our Yoga Training classes.
I met with an unforeseen mishap during one of the classes and I was indeed grateful to Carri and Sarah and a few of my classmates especially Alyssa, Brittany and Crissy for their unmatched care and love extended in caring for my wounds.
The 24 days Yoga Teacher Training Course was by far the best Yoga Teacher Training Course that I have attended. My previous Yoga Teacher Training Course run by Yoga Zone was no where comparable to Drishti Yoga Teacher Training Course.
I must express my deepest gratitude towards Carri and Sarah for their undivided attention, care and unselfish dissemination of their Yoga Techniques and Skills that will definitely enhance my career as a Yoga Teacher.
I wish to end here with a Chinese quote: "When one teaches someone, he or she is that someone's teacher forever." It means Carri and Sarah were my Yoga Teacher in this Drishti Yoga Teacher Training Course in Casperia, Itay, they are my Yoga Teacher forever. I love you Carri and Sarah."
 Breakfast and Lunch area
Healthy Vegetarian Breakfast and Lunch
 Our Accommodation
My room
 Sunflower Retreats Office/ Massage room/ Wifi
 Beautiful Scenery in Casper
 Our Yoga Studio
Yoga Teacher Training Retreats
Discover the impact of intimate personal attention combined with focused training in exotic locations. For the Yoga practitioner who is ready to take their practice to a much deeper level – discover the benefits of Drishti International Yoga Teacher Training Retreats.

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Combine your passion for yoga and your love of travel to create a transformational experience that will last a lifetime on and off the mat.

Drishti International Yoga Teacher Training Style
Yoga Training Instructors - Carri Uranga and Sarah Walsh believe strongly in giving each student the individual attention they need and deserve.

Drishti Yoga is a 200 and 500 hour Vinyasa Yoga Alliance certified teacher training with roots in traditional Ashtanga Yoga. This intensive yoga teacher training course teaches integration of styles, approaches and forms of discipline.

Students are expose to a wide range of styles in addition to Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga. Some of these other styles may include:
  • Yin Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Iyengar Yoga
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Kids Yoga
This interdisciplinary approach allows you to understand which type of Yoga speaks to you the most and enables you to and create your own unique approach to Yoga that truly comes from your authentic self. Upon completion of the course students graduate with a 200 hour Drishti Yoga Teacher Training certificate in Vinyasa Yoga. Students graduate with the skills and confidence needed to begin sequencing classes and teaching immediately should they desire.

Whether you are looking to become a Yoga teacher or simply delve deeper into your practice – Drishti Yoga Teacher Training will take your yoga practice to the next level while at the same time allowing for deeper transformations within your life.

Upcoming Yoga Teacher Training Retreats
Join Dristhi in one these fabulous locations for Yoga Teacher Training in 2014:

Join Drishti International for Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand February 5th – March 1st 2014 in, on the exotic island of Koh Phangan located in the Gulf of Thailand, about 600 km south of Bangkok.

Practice in harmony with nature in one of the greenest countries on the planet! Join us at El Sabanero Eco Lodge near the tropical beaches of Tamarindo, Costa Rica on the Nicoya Peninsula March 23 – April 16, 2014 for an amazing yoga teacher training retreat in Costa Rica!

Immerse yourself in Greek Island beauty and capture the breathtaking views while in your Upward Facing Dog! Join us on the historic Island of Santorini July 8th-August 1, 2014 for a summer of a lifetime!
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Unknown said…
Thanks for the nice post.You will get in the best shape of your life mind, Pranashama Yoga Institute and go home feeling like a new person,
with clarity of vision, peace of mind, strong, balanced and flexible: Ready to take on the world! Thanks all.
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