Welcome Seafood Restaurant @ Bundusan, Penampang

Welcome Seafood Restaurant is known as the best place for crabs in Kota Kinabalu. With the price of only RM18 per kilogram, the marketing strategy of the restaurant definitely a success which never fail in bringing huge crowds to the restaurant.

Welcome Seafood Restaurant
Lot 15, Beverly Hills Ind./Comm. Park,
Jalan Bundusan, Penampang,
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Being one of the most well-known for reasonable prices and good seafood place in KK, Welcome Seafood Restaurant caters for a huge crowds daily. Every night, without fail, the restaurant attracts many people whether it is at the new branch at Asia City or their main branch at Bundusan.
Sar Bak, RM10.00
The fresh and juicy clams tasted really good with minimum seasoning. Steamed with ginger and spring onion, it was just perfectly done.
Sabah Vege, RM10
Must try vegetable dish, can opt. for stir-fried with belacan.
Buttered Crabs RM18.00
Highly recommended dish, the Buttered Crabs at Welcome Seafood Restaurant is something not-to-be-miss. The sweet and creamy buttery sauce goes so well with the fresh and succulent crabs. You just won't have enough of it.
Fried Spicy "Lat Chee" Scallop, RM36 per kg
This was such a yummy, this spicy sauce was such a great combination flavor for scallop. Finger licking good dish.
Steamed Fish, RM28.00
If you are afraid of pricey fish while doesn't mind having the fresh water fish, Tilapia fish is one of the good option which won't burn a hole on your wallet. Steamed to perfection and topped with Assam sauce, the muddy smell was covered by the strong flavours sauce while the fish still tasted fresh and good.
Blanched Shellfish (Tung Fung Lor), RM22.00 per kg
These type of shellfish is one of the special seafood you can find in KK. With the simplest cooking style, it tasted good with natural sweetness. The chefs at Welcome Seafood have completely master the skill of cooking seafood, it is perfectly done for everytime we order the same dish, tasted the same and had the same texture
Total paid, RM150
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