Formosa Chang @ Wufenpu, Taipei

Formosa Chang is a chain restaurant in Taiwan which serve great Lu Rou Fan (Braised Pork Rice). Its consistent quality and reasonable price made it a highly recommended place for tourists.

Formosa Chang
No. 533號, Yǒngjí Rd,
Nangang District, Taipei City,
Taiwan 115
+886 2 2788 8081
Meat Ball Soup NT$40
The Pork Ball was springy and porky. Love it! The soup was sweet and savoury.
Si Shen Tang NT$65
Another dish that was listed in our must-have list was the Si Shen Tang. It was quite similar with our local Bak Kut Teh. The soup strongly infused with herbs (Dang Gui) and it was fragrantly good. The pork intestine was well cooked with no unpleasant porky taste.
Braised Pork Belly NT$50
The Braised Pork Belly is a highly recommended dish. It was deliciously flavoured and infused with spices. Its meat was so tender that it almost melted in my mouth.
Bean Sprouts NT$30
Local Vegetables NT$45
Their local vegetables was quite special. Something that we couldn't find in Malaysia. It was good. Green vegetables is always good to balance up our diets.
Chicken Rice NT$33
For those who doesn't feel like having pork, you can opt for chicken rice, steamed rice topped with savoury shredded chicken. It also comes with a piece of sweet potato. 
Lu Rou Fan NT$33
Lu Rou Fan is one of the must-have dish if you happen to be in Taiwan, same goes to Formosa Chang. The stewed pork was deliciously good with porky taste and pork lard. Eaten together with rice, it was fragrantly good and doesn't tasted greasy at all.
Braised Egg NT$13 each
Braised Egg is a delicious side dish to goes with Lu Rou Fan. The egg was infused with delicious herbs and savoury-sweet in taste. Thank you for reading our posts. Our team media coverage touches mostly on lifestyle events and focuses on happening scenes in Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu. Invite us for food reviews, travel and hotel reviews, KL clubbing reviews and product launches. Our other interests include the movies, technology and photography. Subscribe to my facebook page. Contact us via my email at: [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]


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