LVE @ Chaya Hotel, Tanjung Aru


Located at the ground floor at newest hotel in Tanjung Aru (just next to La Salle School) is another brainchild of Think Thank Creation (of Chef Leo fame). This up and coming restaurant is the place to be with trendy menu - big on taste and visually appealing, while surrounded by trappings of modern architecture. Also, our visit to this fine place is under invitation of the ever creative group head, Chef Leo.

LVE for the Love of Food
Chaya Hotel, Tanjung Aru, 
88000 Kota Kinabalu,

Chaya Hotel
To kick start our meal, we were offered 3 different entrees, first of which is the French Onion Soup. A thick and rather rich soup with all the aroma of  cooked onion. It comes served with cheezy bread that you can see in the centre. Not to be confused with its namesake, it is actually a meat based broth and the onions merely gives it an aromatic twist.
French Onion Soup RM15
Our next entree is Crumble cod fish. Drenched in special mustard sauce and honey, the savouriness of the code fish is intertwined with mustard heat and sweetness of honey. Topped with fresh garden salad and acidity of balsamic vinegar tossed about, this dish is not only a feast of flavor but or texture as well.
Crumble Cod Fish RM25
Next up is a luxurious treat of Foie Gras. Creamy, rich and almost creamy filled liver, every bite sends the sort of tingle that results from the smooth buttery core. The Mango jam gives a sweet and sour twist to the savory liver. If the taste and texture doesn't make your knees buckle, I don't know what will.
Croustillant Foie Gras RM28
Next its time for main course. First up was this succulent scallops. Slightly savory with a tinge of sweetness, the scallop was also drizzled with hazelnut brown butter to give it a more aromatic twist. Also, it comes with oxtail ravioli, thick pasta skin with minced oxtail meat as filling, this ravioli packs a bite with aromatic and savoury meat. The braised red cabbage gives a very appealing color contrast.
Sea Scallops RM40
Next up is the roast chicken. Tender and juicy chicken cutlets drizzled with Tarragon sauce, this makes each bite a very aromatic affair, with the herby and creamy sauce blends well with the chicken. The mashed potato - rich and creamy is a good companion for this meat dish.
Roast Chicken RM22
Next up is the leg lamb. The meat was so tender and juicy, it takes little effort to cut through the meat. This is perhaps because each leg is slow braised for 12 hours to reach this level of soft tenderness. Laid on top a bed of creamy polenta, this is a also another creamy and rich affair. Each spoonful of soft cornmeal is bind together in cream, the gremoulade gives it a zesty and herby twist. 
Lamb Leg RM32
After a nice hearty meal, we were yet again surprised with superb desserts. First up was the tiramisu. Sprinkled with coffee and nuts on top and then a dig inside will find thick cream intermittent with sweet peaches and cake. The sour apple sauce that you can optionally pour in gives it a nice soury twist.
Tiramisu RM12
Dusted Chocolate Fondant RM12
Another luxurious treat was this chocolate fondant. Dusted with powdered or castor sugar and intertwined with mint cream. And that is just the outer layer. Once you dig in with your spoon, and that's where the real magic happens. Melted chocolate just comes oozing out almost menacingly laughing at your diet plan gone wrong, the sweet and warm chocolate bleeds out with even more aromatic mint. All this happens while the outer layer stands firm just waiting for your to pick it up and dip it into the chocolatey madness. 
Caramalized Banana and Puff Pastry RM12
Last but not least, we had an unholy matrimony of hot and cold in one dish. This sweet creation of banana cooked in rich caramel, soft, sweet and warm while being devilishly taunted by the cold ice cream is just too good to pass. Served atop home made puff pastry, leave your cutleries down, and pick the whole thing up, don't worry, the pastry will hold all of the commotion in place while you down the whole thing

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