Unique Dining Experiences in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is known for its fantastic restaurants and delicious food. There are so many restaurants to choose from that deciding where to go each day can be a challenge. There are plenty of fine dining restaurants if you fancy a gourmet meal, or you can head to the food markets for cheaper alternatives. If you want some unique experiences on your trip to Kuala Lumpur then it’s worth exploring some of the more unusual restaurants. Visiting these places will enhance your trip and give you a taste of the real Kuala Lumpur. Take a look at some unique dining experiences in Kuala Lumpur.

Image from Dining In the Dark KL Facebook
Dining In the Dark KL
Dining in the Dark is a fascinating experience that forces you to really use your senses. You really do focus on the taste and smell of the food more when you are dining in complete darkness. Take on the challenge of eating in the dark and guessing your dishes. The staff in this restaurant are visually impaired and have been trained to work in darkness. Here you will receive excellent service.
Photo from CCFoodTravel.com
Sri Nirwana Maju Banana Leaf
You can’t go to Kuala Lumpur and not sample a banana leaf meal. Sri Nirwana Maju is one of a few restaurants that serve your food on a banana leaf. It’s an unusual experience if you haven’t tried it before. Choose your favourite dish and enjoy it served on a banana leaf.
Photo from Ploy Facebook
The word ‘Ply’ means ‘gem’ in Thai. The food served here is mainly Japanese and Thai. What makes Ploy an interesting culinary experience is the dishes they serve. In particular, their Ploy liquid nitrogen ice cream is an experience in itself.
Photo from Restoran Nelayan Facebook
Floating Restaurants
Dining in a floating restaurant is a wonderful experience. If you are looking for a romantic dinner then head to one of the floating restaurants, such as Restoran Nelayan. You can sit back and enjoy your meal with a view of the beautiful lake. Its a really romantic and tranquil setting and very different to dining in a normal restaurant in the centre of town.
Photo from www.subak.com.my
If you are passionate about the jungle and love wildlife then Subak is the place to go. It is located in the Bukit Lanjan jungle, meaning you can dine amongst the wildlife and lush vegetation. Listen to the relaxing sounds of the crickets and water flowing beside you.
Photo from Bayan Indah Facebook
Bayan Indah
If you want to take away a skill from your visit to Kuala Lumpur then learn how the locals cook by going to Bayan Indah. Here you can improve your culinary skills and cook some of the traditional local dishes. They have lots of different cooking class themes such as rice is nice, typically thai and currying flavours.
Photo from www.globespots.com
Street Food
A trip to Kuala Lumpur isn’t the same without sampling the delicious street food. It’s a unique experience that is very different from dining in an expensive restaurant. Here you can try some of the best local dishes freshly prepared by the local people and take in the atmosphere on the streets.
Photo from usahawan-ramlyburger.blogspot.com
Ramly Burger Stall
Going to a burger stall might not sound that unique, but the burgers they serve are. They are very different from fast food burgers, as they are packed full of flavour and served in traditional manor. So if you need a quick bite to eat then try a Ramly burger.
Photo from Marmalade Facebook
If you want to go somewhere with a healthy twist then book a table at Marmalade. Some of the food in Kuala lumpur can be a little unhealthy, so it’s nice to be a little health conscious and try some health alternatives. They have lots of fresh salads on the menu and they have swapped some of their ingredients for healthier options.

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