Pusat Makan Dan Minum Cathay @ Penampang

Pusat Makan Dan Minum Cathay is located near Hings Tower in Penampang. Caters to the nearby neighbourhood, the restaurant offers cheap but delicious hawker's food during the night.

Pusat Makan dan Minum Cathay
Location: Near Hings Tower
Hokkien Mee RM6.00
One of the highly recommended dish is the Hokkien Mee. Thick, unctuous yellow noodles, covered in a deliciously dark sauce, and studded with shrimps, pork, cabbage and crispy pork lard croutons, the Hokkien  Mee was certainly memorable.
Bak Kut Teh RM6.00
Here, you can also find the cheapest Bak Kut Teh in KK. Cost only RM6.00 for a single serving, the tasty pork broth infused with delicious herbs comes with big chunks of pork meat and pork innards. The sweetness of the broth was fantastic and goes really well with rice (RM1.00).
Hokkien Meehoon RM6.00
For those who don't fancy much on thick yellow noodle, Meehoon stir-fried in Hokkien style is another great option. Same great flavours and same ingredients used.
Wat Tan Ho RM6.00
Another common dish you can find in any local restaurant is the Wat Tan Ho. The smooth Koay Teow drenched in thick, savoury egg's gravy cooked with prawn, fish cake slices, pork and choy sum is simply delicious.
Grilled Chicken Wing RM1.50 each
Perfectly grilled chicken wing consisted of a crispy layer of skin and juicy meat. The sweet marination gives the chicken wing a nice flavouring.
Loh Mee RM6.00
Loh Mee refers to braised thick yellow noodles served in a bowl with a thick flavoursome gravy (thickened with starch solution and egg).  The noodle was topped with crispy pork lard croutons and served with a generous drizzle of black vinegar. Its not only tasted aromatic but also appetizingly good.
Stir-fried Meehoon RM5.00
Fragrantly good Stir-fried Meehoon lightly seasoned with curry spices, salt and sugar, is a simple yet tasty meal. The generous portion will definitely keep you full and satisfied.

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