3 in 1 Cafe @ Lintas Plaza

A very unique name that shares synonym with instant gratification. Quick and time saving, these effort saving products perhaps lack in texture and taste, point in case, a 3 in 1 coffee. But this cafe displays none of the weaknesses of a typical 3 in 1 coffee. Located right smack in the middle of Salim and Upperstar, this Cafe serves delicious chinese dishes, at the fraction of the time of course.

3 in 1 Cafe @ Lintas Plaza
Located on the same row of Sinsuran Pork Noodle and Yen Ai Dessert House or right across Upperstar Cafe.
The decor ignites a very traditional China styled feeling. The menu offers a variety of food including toasts, porridge, noodles and rice dishes.
Pan Mee with Fish Fillet, RM8.90
On this fine day, we had the fish Pan mee, which is basically home made flat noodles. The fish was firm and fresh, sans all the foul fishy smell. The clear broth was light but tasty. The green Sabah vege aka small tree vege aka sayur manis makes this dish healthy, iron pack and full of awesome fibre goodness. The noodles comes in three colours, but not in artificial manner. Green noodles means vegetables were add in the noodle dough, while a faint yellow means more eggs were added and cream coloured means it just has less eggs in them. The noodles were smooth, firm and chewey. The anchovies gives this dish a good saltiness while adding more crunchy texture, while the mushrooms gives a soft firm texture. Basically a good combo of texture and healthy goodness.
Claypot Lou Shu Fen, RM6.90
Next we had lou shu fen, or loosely translated into mouse noodles due to the clear, smooth noodles resembles the tail of a mouse. But rest assured the noodles are perfectly edible plant based noodles. The sauce that is sauteed with the noodles is sweet and savoury and fragrant. The minced pork that comes with this bowl of goodness is firm and chewey. The dish also contains vege, mushroom to add texture and wholesome goodness.
Stewed Pork Belly Rice, RM7.90
The next dish we had was the stewed pork knuckle with rice. The meaty knuckle was soft from the slow cook where the meat is so tender and juciy and drenched in gravy. The gravy carries a slight sweetness as well as savory taste. Of course this dish goes well with soft boiled rice.

Lo Hon Ko, RM3.50 and Crysanthemum, RM2.50
The lo hon ko drink soothes a dry throat on a hot sunny day. While the crysanthemum drink is good to expel heat from the body.

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