Pete's Corner @ Asia City

When comes to good Western breakfast in KK, there is only one place that will come to our mind. Yes, you're right! Is Pete's Corner.

Pete's Corner
Location: Asia City, Corner shop, near Sempelang
Cheese Sausage RM3.20
The great thing about having breakfast at Pete's Corner is you can always mix and match your favourite choice of food. From Sunny-side-up, scrambled egg, soft boiled egg, omelet to sausages, frankfurter, ham and toasts, you have a wide selection of choice to be choose from.
Toasts (Set)RM2.00
Soft-boiled Egg RM1.80
Beef Sandwich RM6.00 + Omelet  RM2.20
There are also a selection of sandwiches available.  The Beef Sandwich consists of beef, tomato slices and fresh lettuce sandwiched in between the toasted bread. Served with fries, it was a perfect breakfast for me.


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