Living Seed Vegetarian Restaurant @ Penampang

Known as the best vegetarian restaurant in KK, Living Seed Vegetarian Restaurant serves really good vegetarian cuisine during the day and night.

Living Seed Vegetarian Restaurant
Near Servay Supermarket Penampang

Claypot Mutton
The 'mock mutton' are actually made from mushroom's stalks. Cooked with assorted vegetables and served in a claypot, the dish is a delectable delicacy to go with rice.
Teochew Steamed Fish
Mock fish which is made from beancurd skin and seaweed, topped with soft tofu and steamed with preserved vegetables, tomato, mock ham and chili. Savoury and sourish with a hint of sweetness, it was an appetizingly good dish.
Fried Mushroom
The Fried Mushroom coated with sweet sauce and sesame seeds will definitely killed your craving for meat. It tasted meaty, perhaps you'll probably get confuse and thought that you're having meat. Delicious.
Bittergourd with Black Bean Sauce
Total Paid = RM68.00


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