Little Beaufort Station @ Inanam

If you still remember an outdated post that I posted on last January, you will had a picture on your mind about this Little Beaufort Station in Inanam.

Little Beaufort Station
Location: KK Taipain, corner shop, opposite Easy Way
Seaweed Soup RM6.00
Seaweed Soup is a soup that you have to consume while it is hot to avoid the unpleasant taste. Enriched with nutrients, the Seaweed Soup is flavourful and delicious too.
Sweet and Sour Chicken RM10.00
The Sweet and Sour Chicken was appetizing and goes well with rice. Instead of only ketchup, vinegar and sugar as the main ingredient of the sauce, the chef also used a tiny bits of Coke (if I'm not mistaken) to create a greater flavour to the dish.
Sweet Potato Leaves stir-fried with Egg RM8.00
Total Paid = RM28.60 (Including Rice)


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