Kedai Kopi LY @ Taman Cantik

If you are a fan of Archie de Corner and has been searching around since the stall's relocated to a new place, we had a good news here! Archie de Corner had actually relocated to Kedai Kopi LY.

Kedai Kopi LY
Location: Same row with Orange's convenient store
Lamb Chop RM19.00
Known for big portion with reasonable cheap price, the Lamb Chop is one of the famous order apart from Chicken Chop. Perfectly grilled, topped with Mint's sauce, served with fries, baked beans and vegetables, it is a satisfying meal to have when you are craving for meat.
If you're not a fan of Western food, there is a famous Char Koay Teow's stall in the restaurant.
Fried Koay Teow RM5.00
A plate of fragrantly good and rich in flavour Fried Koay Teow will keep you coming back for more after the first taste. Savour with wok taste, the Koay Teow was fried with bean sprouts, Chinese chives, prawns, cockles, egg and prawn paste. Delicious!


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