Solos Smartglasses available at Focus Point

Solos Smartglasses contain nearly everything you need on your daily activities, making the convenience of 'less is more' an actual reality and eliminating the many distractions that plague indoor or outdoor activities.
SOLOS, which use a rechargeable battery to stay on for up to 3.5 hours, can also play music through in-ear headphones, make it possible to communicate with others on runs, and connect your workouts to social media or analytics-based tools. The glasses summarize your workout once you're done so you know exactly what you've accomplished.
Solos Smartglasses infused with wellbeing tech and fashion. Solos Smartglasses is a smart eyewear with fitness and audio functions.
Promo Code: ANGESOLOS30 30% off for Solos Smartglasses from 4th to 6th June for online purchase visit

Solos Smartglasses is exclusively available at Focus Point!
You may also visit Focus Point's website for more information:

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