IMPROV Bistro, For the Renaissance Minded Me

Improv Bistro is a place which will prove very difficult to categorise. Months after my initial visit to the place, and a few subsequent visits later, I am still struggling to describe to you my impressions of the place. It is a place that defies being judged and dares you to comeback again, again and again to savour it's complexity. Let me tell you, in the time I took up writing for this blog, I have been to quite a few posh places in the region on land and sea, and this place did not fail to impress.

The difficulty is in trying to tie up the keywords in my mind with respect to this place. It is beautiful. The furnishings have that sophisticated Parisian feel, which is both elegant and refined. If you are looking for an excuse to dress up and sit down to wine and dine in style, then maybe this place is not for you. Instead, this place is a sanctuary, where you could dress comfortably without being judged, and then come and dine as you are. Maybe in good company, you can always invite select friends to accompany you on one of those rare get together occasions and sample the efforts of the establishment. Those who are solitary wanderers by nature like me may see this outlet as a place where you can sit back and eat a lot, read, and perhaps look back with a food coma and ponder, maybe even regain some additional kgs and perspective. It is funny how it is, this place provoked that sort of reaction from me. It gets pretty comfortable after a while.

I wonder how will it work for you?

G06 - Wisma Lim Foo Yong, 
No. 86 Jalan Raja Chulan
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Operating Hours

Monday to Thursday 11am to 10pm
Friday & Saturday 11am to 11.45pm
Closed on Sundays
 Call 03-27713748 / 016-2033364

They have an alfresco dining area, and inside they have two separate sitting areas that goes all the way into the back of the building. I mean, Improv is BIG! The thing that first caught my attention were the pretty lights, followed by the long white bar as one steps in leading towards a sitting area with shelves filled with books! Yes, I is bookworm. 😮

"IMPROV Bistro is where our immense passion for gastronomy, coffee, arts, deco & entertainment comes together to create an improvisational masterpiece."

Set in the heart of Kuala Lumpur's Golden Triangle, Improv Bistro has an impressive amount of floor space to host private events. I am told that in the past, they have hosted live music nights, open mic nights and an art gallery show. They also maintain a very active Facebook Page, so if this place is up your alley, give them a like or else lol and stay abreast of current events happening there.

Have a gander at their comprehensive menu. They have quite a lot of fantastic offerings, and even a special brunch menu on Saturdays.

On my first visit to this place incognito, I ordered this. This dish combines two of my favourite things about food; beef and pasta. The Rigatoni pasta came al dente as it should be, mixed together with the Beef Ragout. The tasty combo was topped with charred tomatoes, and sprinkled over with homemade Ricotta cheese and Rocket Leaf. It took some effort to sample the flavours of the dish in it's various combination, a fork full of pasta with ragout and maybe a rocket leaf here, then maybe the pasta with just the cheese and tomato next. I savoured every morsel and I was done without realising it.

This may shock you but I do not have much of a sweet tooth, but the Pavlova here was good. It came topped with passion fruit, bananas, fresh whipped cream and dark chocolate sauce.

I came back again a second time to try their burger and nearly screamed for joy, so on my third visit with a friend, I made arrangements with the owners of Improv to try their Saturday Brunch. They must have found out about my liking for their burger because it came out again so I was able to grab some decent pics.


I have never been to the alps before, but I imagine it to be a cool place and quite colourful during summer, so perhaps that was what inspired the name of this dish. Cold Basil Mozzarella Ice Cream sits on top of a mound of Tomatoes, seasoned with Balsamic vinegar and tossed with some Rocket Leaves. The tart and bitter taste of the rocket leaf dueled with the sweet tomatoes, which was then mingled with the sourish vinegar and then bombed with the ice cream and a sprinkling of black pepper. The ensemble left me wondering what it was I was experiencing. So I had another helping, and another, and then I ended up eating the whole plate by myself.

Maybe because I am biased in favour towards tomatoes which usually end up as salsa or in my pasta. It's definitely uncommon, let me tell you, but I liked the way the flavours played on my palette. Take note, this dish is not for everybody.

There are many places that offers a good burger, but of those that I have tried, only two have made it to my place of recommendation amongst close friends. The first was covered in an older blog post sometime last last year but remains in the slightly expensive category, and the other is the Improv's Gourmet Burger. And maybe after you've tried it and make the connection to the taste and build of the burger, you would understand why. The patty is handmade from 200gms of Australian Beef with Mediterranean Spices I thought I tasted a hint of rosemary and thyme. After grilling, it is served on a nicely toasted bun with Tunisian sauce for that hint of harissa taste and Cheese. As you can see in the pic, it was accompanied with some Cucumber Raita, Steak Fries and Salad. I really loved this burger. If I was not committed to trying everything else on the menu in my own time and expense, I would just order this burger for every visit to Improv.

It is a bad habit of mine. Once I become a regular to a place, they already know what I want before I even pick out a seat because nothing would sway me from ordering my favourite meal... it's like being in love with the same woman for life. 😉

Pro Tip: I usually eat all the sides first, especially before the fries get cold, and then use the waxed paper to wrap the burger and eat it by hand, pretty much like how you'd eat a roadside Ramly burger without soiling your hands.

After so many years and I am still developing a taste for bread. When I was travelling abroad, I picked up an appreciation of whole grain breads, buttered toasts, cheese and beer. If like me, you want to take this life lesson up a notch, you need to try this Brioche French toast. It comes served with honey, mix nut praline, homemade summer berry jam and whipped cream. I was told some people would break their diets just to eat this on their cheat day. 😉

Of the three brunch choices I had that Saturday, this one was my favourite. Buttermilk waffles served on waxed paper on a board is topped with free-range plain Scrambled Eggs. Some salad and cherry tomatoes is added with wilted spinach, but the highlight to me has got to be the savory and salty Smoked Salmon Rillette. The discerning diner would know to take equal portions of waffle, egg and salmon in a mouthful and then slowly savour the sweet, smoky and salty taste as you chew on it. Readers, pardon the expression, but to me at least, this thing is blardy delightful. So simple and yet brilliant in it's execution. But we can only get this on Saturdays for Brunch!

This was the partner to the earlier Berry French Men, the Sin-Na-Mon Baanana French Toast! Again, Brioche French toast is served with sweet caramelised bananas with whipped cream, cinnamon caramel and praline. To be very honest, I enjoyed the waffles more, but the french bread was nice and fluffy.


For those of our readers observing the month of Ramadan, I have some good news. Improv Bistro has a Ramadan Offer for those planning to Berbuka Puasa with friends and family.

Buka Puasa Special at IMPROV!

Delicious Spanish Sharing Paella with a carefully chosen selection of dishes to nourish and satisfy you in Ramadan. (Please Reserve 24hrs in Advance)


1. Platter of Dates, Olive, Pickles & Dips

2. Cream of Fennel Carrot Soup

3. Warm Egg Bean Salad
4. Cold Yogurt Cucumber Salad
5. Chilled Tomato Salad
6. Tempura Eggplant, Pumpkin & Mixed Color Bellpeppers
7. Tropical Fruit Platter
8. Chocolotae Coated Semifreddo
9. Two Jugs of Mocktail


If like me, you were planning to visit this place in your free time, Improv only offers their special brunch on Saturdays. They are closed on Sundays. Nevertheless, they have a pretty diverse menu, one could go on visiting this place regularly to try all their offerings at leisure. If you would like to see more pictures of this place, my album is here. Cheers! ~ Marv.7


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