Adventures of the Monkey King : The Golden Hooped Rod

You may remember, my last visit to the Genting International Showroom was to catch the live-stage performance of Soul of Shaolin: Hui Guang's Story. Well, that show is now long over, the latest show is now here and it's called Adventures of the Monkey King : The Golden Hooped Rod, performed by the The Nanjing Acrobatic Troupe.

The Nanjing Acrobatic Troupe is world-renowned for their amazing performances, and has won many national and international awards and accolades. Their most prestigious awards comes from bagging a Gold Medal at Paris’s Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in 1986 with the juggling act of The Qian Brothers, a Silver Lion at the third annual Chinese National Acrobatic Competition, and a Gold Lion at the Fourth Wuqiao International Acrobatic Festival in 1993. Originally from the old Imperial capital of Nanjing in China, the troupe was founded in 1957 and has toured extensively in Africa, Australia, Europe, Latin America and USA.
I found the setup for the theatrical performance quite ingenius and they take advantage of modern technology and theatrics to bring forth an enthralling performance. The main protagonist of the story is of course, the Monkey King of the chinese classic "Journey to the West". His main foe in this theatrical adaption is a sea demon by the name of Chi Yu, who wishes nothing more than to spread his malicious influence and power. However, the power of the Golden Hooped Rod greatly dampens his evil ambition and he sets out to destroy the legendary artifact.

Cue to our hero of the story, the Monkey King. Also more popularly known among fans as Sun Wukong, he successfully earns possession of the legendary artifact Ruyi Jingu Bang, or more popularly known as the Golden Hooped Rod, a quarterstaff of heavenly origins. A conflict ensues between Chi Yu and Sun Wukong over the fate of the staff.
DID YOU KNOW? Ruyi Jingu Bang (Chinese: 如意金箍棒; pinyin: Rúyì Jīngū Bàng), was originally created during a cataclymic event known as the Great Flood. It was created as a great black iron pillar and stuck into the middle of the ocean to measure the depths of the flood. When sun Wukong went into the East Sea to look for a magical weapon to match his supernatural prowess, he was given possession of the staff by Ao Guang, the Dragon King of the East Sea.
The Adventures of the Monkey King : The Golden Hooped Rod premiered at Genting International Showroom on the 11 Nov 2017 and will run until 01 Jan 2018. Please note that although the show is available daily, there are also some days when the troupe needs a break and they have scheduled no show times. There are also seats for those with special needs located in the easily accessible zone. If you want to see more pictures from the show, have a gander at my album here. For more information and ticket reservations, please call 03-2718 1118. Thank you for reading! We are currently expanding our reach in South East Asia to bring more for your next leisurely consideration. Our media team does media coverage for a wide variety of topics, ranging from Lifestyle events, HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant and Cafe) reviews, Upcoming Clubs and Product launches. Our other interests also include but are not limited to dance, fitness, movies, technology and photography. Please subscribe to our facebook page. If you would like to get in touch with us, please contact us via email at [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected].


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