Zi Zai Restaurant @ Air Itam, Penang

Zi Zai Restaurant's started by chef, Mr Tan Hock Chai who strive to offer the cheapest and most delicious food for his customers. Signature dish of this restaurant is the "Poon Choi" (basin dish) which you need to make reservation few days in advance. The Poon Choi that can be found here at Restoran Zi Zai boast some very exquisite items, which includes Abalone, Roasted Duck, Braised 3 Layers Pork, Steamed Chicken, Sea Cucumber, Fish Maw, Mushrooms, Hock Chew Fish Balls, Fried Fish Fillets, Sweet & Sour Prawns and vegetables such as Broccoli, Chinese Cabbage, Yam and Sweet Turnip. Advance booking require if you are here for "Poon Choi".

Zi Zai Restaurant
No. 1239-G, Ground Floor, Jalan Paya Terubong,
Paya Terubong, 11060 Air Itam, Penang.
Tel: 04- 826 5713
Business Hours: Mon, Wed - Sun, 4pm - 10.30pm (Closed on Tuesday)
Email: [email protected]
GPS: 5.387212, 100.274013
Poon Choi
The basin came with 14 ingredients which consisted of (from base) Chinese Cabbages, Braised Pork Belly in Red Fermented Bean Curd, Yam, Yam Bean, Sea Cucumbers, Chinese Mushrooms, Fish Maws, One Whole Charcoal Roasted Duck, One Whole Chicken in Sesame Oil, Broccoli, Deep Fried Snapper Fillets, Deep Fried Homemade Hock Chew Fish Balls, Sweet n Sour Prawns and Abalones (top up $$$ for extra abalones). (Note: Advance booking require, it would take tedious hours of preparation for this dish)
Beancurd Salted Fish Bone Soup
A piping hot beancurd cooked with salted fish and pork soup. Good to whet the apetite.
Stir-fried Bean Sprout With Salted Fish
Simple and yet tasty.
Braised Pork Belly
Served in a sizzling hot claypot, the pork belly were tender, a rich and flavorful dish.
Steamed Minced Pork With Salted Fish
A homey dish with a lovely salted fish fragrant, sweet and appetizing dish.
Black Soya Sauce Pork
Sliced pork cooked in dark sweet and tasty soy sauce, I like this dish, goes really well with rice.
Fried Belacan Chicken Wings
Crispy, tender, juicy and well flavored chicken wings.
Assam Prawns
One of their signature dish, prawns marinated and pan-fried with tamarind juice, a sweet and sour flavor dish, everyone love this!
Stir-fried Lala
Small clams stir-fried with chilies, bean paste and ginger that enhanced the flavor of clams and brings out the natural sweetness of it.
Fried Egg With Prawns
This dish has a very nice aroma and tasty
Assam Fish
Black pomfret fish cooked with homemade assam gravy togehter with tomatoes, ladies finger and blended onion paste. This is a delicious sweet, sourish and spicy dish.

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