International Buffet @ Oriental Cafe, Sabah Oriental Hotel

It has been more than a year since our last visit to Oriental Cafe (of the hotel with the same namesake). Judging from the many diners and packed dinner hall, this establishment has shed it's previous reputation as a place of 'last resort' and, judging from the food, has certainly risen to the ranks of 'must-go-to' place. Not to mention the inflation busting prices (even before Groupon discount!)

Sabah Oriental Hotel
Add: Lorong Kemajuan, 88000 KK, Sabah, Malaysia
Tel: 088-258 988
Step into the cafe and a sense of calm is immediately evoked, with its warm decor. Then the centerpiece laden with delicious entrees and dessert will cause each visitor to be engulfed in hunger. 
Variety is certainly not a lacking quality of Cafe Oriental, with its formation being 2 pronged. The first garrison for you to attack is in the main hall, which in itself is impressive enough, ranging from cold dishes to local delights, sushi and an assortment of sweets, cakes and desserts. 
Crackers and cheese as well as an assortment of sushi
As if one spread of buffet is not enough, Oriental Cafe has even more delicious food offering in their outer ring. This time, an even more exotic, mouth watering cuisine are served. From Italian bruschetta, Pizza, lasagna, Pasta, to Eastern delights, such as luk luk, Satay, Shawarma, Oxtail assam pedas, Arabian Roast Lamb, Lobster platter and seafood paella.
The pasta station is just one of the many action stations, as in cooked live in front of you. All you need to do is choose your own pasta, toppings and sauce, stand back and enjoy the show.. Never have I seen something prepared that looked so simple yet, packs a punch in taste. Think fancy Italian restaurant and you'll find this dish on par with those.
The chicken and beef satay is as authentic as the good ones in the heart of town. Fragrant with malay spice and just a nice hint of sweetness, one can't hardly be blamed for going on a binge satay eating. 
Another freshly prepared meal is the seafood station. Same as before, choose your meat and veges. And the chefs will prepare them before you.
This chicken Shawarma, grilled to tender juicy perfection, is shaved off from the vertical rotisserie, stuffed in pitta bread with various veges and condiments. The first sensation from a bite of this shawarma sandwhich is the sharpness of the condimen, which eases into the juicy savory sensation released from meat.
This Arabian roast lamb rice is a sight to behold. Heaps of fragrant rice rich with herbs and spices, topped with tender lamb roasted to perfection with the all the natural flavors locked in place.
This luxurious lobster platter, is also one of the crowd puller. Baked and lightly buttered, such simple preparation is good enough so you can enjoy the freshness of the meat, which is freshly sourced from the nearby fish market.
Our quest for the elusive oxtail assam pedas may have come to and end at Oriental cafe. This one here may be the next best thing after the one at the other hotel. Oxtail assam pedas lovers will know which one I;m referring to ;-)
Another exotic dish you'll find is the seafood Paella. Not only is it filled with a variety of fresh seafood, but the rice evokes the kind of appreciation that can only be understood by rice eating Asians - slightly buttery and savory, and somewhere between grainy and sticky. 
A nice surprise in the buffet spread is the Italian corner, where you can find Pizza. Nice thin crust with aromatic sauce and savory toppings. Also, there are bruschetta, with either salmon or tomato salsa topping. Besides that, there's also vegetarian lasagna, and mushroom filled with cream cheese and spinach.
Chocolate Fondue Corner
And then, when you're done with all the savory dishes, there's even more sweet bites waiting for you. Delicious sweet creams, cakes, ice-cream, pudding, pies and sweet puffs will make you spoilt for choices. Oh..there are also lots of colorful and fresh local fruits. Last but not least, we'd like to thank Laura Louis, graphic designer for Oriental Hotel, for inviting us to visit their cafe, as well as executive chef, Francois Giussani for being very friendly and always on hand to make sure our visit was always pleasant.
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Thanks for sharing a great review for Café Oriental, you have bring the beauty of the hotel as well the yummy food in Café Oriental.

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