Sri Kulai Ready To Eat Meal Station

Our recent exploit is unique on many levels. You may have seen these meals in 24 hour convenience stores all decked in orange cabinet lined with microwaves for you to zap your frozen meal to a nice steaming hot chow. If you’ve been living under a rock or never ventured into a convenience store, we are now playing our part in creating brand awareness for Sri Kulai: microwaveable ready to eat meals.

Sri Kulai frozen food are available at 24 hour Orange outlets in Kampung Air, Gaya Street, Jesselton Point, KK Time Square, 1 Borneo, Warisan Square, Bandaran Berjaya. Also, Sri Kulai official licensees are located in Damai Point, and City Mall. Its hard not to notice it with unique and warm ambiance welcoming everyone with a hungry belly.
In the western ang mo world, the term TV dinner is commonly used. It began in the early 50’s where families would place their instant dinners on foldable tables and gather around the tv, hence the namesake. 

Authentic halal certification guarantee assured

The advent of such tv dinners at our shores may be a sign that rampant consumerism has dawned upon our land. Combine that with time constraint of yuppies trying to maintain a lifestyle they can’t afford, it is high time we upgrade from instant noodles, to say, instant nasi lemak, instant dim sum, and instant nasi lemak.

Some stumbling blocks that could come in between them and success (which we will attempt to break down), perhaps comes down to perception (or delusions of knowing it all) that frozen food is not as good as the real thing.  And while that should not be disputed (and we at everydayfoodiove condone eating healthy), the mind and body should not be deprived of a little indulgences here and there. 
A new addition to their product line up: Delicious tiramisu cake.

Detractors will scream foul: We have food stalls operating 24 hours and they taste 10 times better than any gooble-goble that starts off frozen solid.  For the latter opponents, I’ll give you this: Apparent gun totting freedom that will make NRA blush, makes our 24 hour food stall a dangerous den for poor rumbling tummies.  The second argument is invalid by virtue of being statistically impossible to attest and most importantly, the following sentence: By golly it actually taste delicious, forget all you know (or think you know) about frozen food, because these TV dinners that packs a punch. 

For more info, you can log on to;
Facebook: KFI Sri Kulai
This Teochew Mai has a surprisingly same texture as the ones that comes in a rolling steam cart. The soup was savory with a twist of sweetness.
Just like the green Teochew mai, this dim sum has firm skin and savory chewy meat inside bathed in tasty soup. Put it side by side with a chinese restuarant dim sum and you can't tell the difference.
This spicy tomato chicken, and award winning recipe, is a strong product. The chicken soft and tender (yes you read right) was sweet and buried in tasty gravy.
This is one of our personal favourite: Beef rendang coriander with rice. Imagine having a malay cuisine chef in your kitchen (well, some of you perhaps are blessed to be married to one, but for the rest of us..) Spicy, aromatic and savory, needless to say, the beef has been more than sufficiently marinaded in all those awesome herbs and spices.
Sri Kulai nasi lemak rendang chicken, taste even better than the self proclaimed international ones and costs much less, and if you think that that international outlet or any other franchise outlet selling nasi lemak makes their rendang fresh, then you have been seriously misinformed. 
As for their chicken rice, the roasted chicken has all the earthy-woody aroma as the real thing, and the sweet thick black sauce complement the chicken nicely. (And we shamefully admit our pictures don't do justice) Oh, and the rice, is actual chicken rice, savory and buttery. 
The spaghetti bolognese is definitely a good quick fix for late night hungry pangs. Run to your nearest 24 hours orange store and in 5 minutes, you have spaghetti in your belly. Thank you for reading our posts. Our team media coverage touches mostly on lifestyle events and focuses on happening scenes in Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu. Invite us for food reviews, travel and hotel reviews, KL clubbing reviews and product launches. Our other interests include the movies, technology and photography. Subscribe to my facebook page. Contact us via my email at: [email protected] or [email protected]


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