Kedai Kopi Kam Kee @ Beverly Hills

Whether is just a plate of Fried Hokkien Mee or a few dishes with rice, Kedai Kopi Kam Kee always maintained its quality tastes of the food.

Kedai Kopi Kam Kee @ Beverly Hills
Block D, Ground Floor,
Beverly Hills, Jalan Bundusan,
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Bittergourd soup 
Double-boiled with generous ingredients, the Bittergourd Soup tasted sweet and flavourful. These refreshing soup not only help nourishes the body but also reduce the heats in our body during hot day.
Stir-fried Sabah Vege (RM6.00)
Singapore Fried Meehoon (RM5.00)
Perfectly fried with curry spices, shredded chili, bean sprouts, egg and Char Siu, the noodle tasted savoury with mild spiciness and a hint of sweetness.
Fried Meehoon (RM5.00)
A simple plate of Fried Meehoon also a hearty meal packed with delicious goodness. The Meehoon was stir-fried with prawn, pork, bean sprouts and egg, seasoned with soy sauce. It tasted fragrantly good as well.

Total Paid = RM22.00
Radish Soup
Radish Soup is another delicious soup-of-the-day at Kedai Kopi Kam Kee. The generous ingredients used is the secret behind the good taste of the soup.
Pork Ribs King
Pork Ribs King is a dish which tasted good with rice. Slightly crispy on the outer layer and tender inside, coated with sweetish and sourish sauce, it is appetizing and delicious.

Pork Ribs King + Radish Soup + Vegetables + Rice = RM21.00

Stir-fried Vegetables
Pork Leg Vinegar
The Pork Leg Vinegar is truly a gastronomic treat. The sweet and sourish gravy tasted really good with rice. The layer of pig's collagen is the main reason of consuming these delicious dish as it could helps strengthen the joints.
Stir-fried Choy Sum

Steamed Pork with Salted Egg
Steamed Pork with Salted Egg is a Hakka dish love by most Malaysian. Its salty and fragrantly good taste is perfect to complement the steamed rice.
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