Hong Hai Snacks Shop @ 1Borneo

Opposite of GSC cineplex in 1Borneo, Hong Hai Snack Shop is a shop frequented by shopping goers for a quick bite. The varieties of snack available is the main attraction of the shop.

Hong Hai Snack Shop
Location: opposite GSC cineplex

Freshly made waffle is a famous snack at Hong Hai Snack Shop. You can choose from the selection of spread when ordering the waffle. For a single flavour spread, it cost RM2.80 while for 2 flavours, it cost RM3.00.
Freshly made waffle
Waffle with Kaya, RM2.80
Crispy and fluffy waffle generously spread with your favourite flavour tasted really delicious. It is a cheap and  tasty snack.
Waffle with Strawberry, RM2.80

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Anonymous said…
Hi there, i really enjoy visiting, browsing and reading ur blog. So id like to comment on the above said waffle, i've tried it once but it seems a little too chewy for my likings, it almost feels like ur munching a rubber hehehe...well i guess it just wasnt my lucky day so i never buy waffle from them since heheheh...so thats it from me. Plz dont stop writing, keep up the gud job.. :)

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