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Wantan Noodle and Roasted Meat @ Hong Kong Recipe, 1Borneo

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Hong Kong Wantan noodles are usually served in steaming hot soup with shrimp wantons and garnished with leafy vegetables.

Hong Kong Recipe @ 1Borneo
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Sprite RM4.80
Back in KL, almost every eateries offer the mouth-watering dish, Wantan Noodle, which is often served dry, topped with Char Siu and come with a bowl of Wantan Soup. In KK, to have a proper bowl of Wantan Noodle, the best option will be at Hong Kong Recipe. Other than that, there are only quite a few place serving the Wantan Noodle.
Roasted Meat Set (S)
A small Roasted Meat Set comes with the option of Roasted Duck, Roasted Pork, Char Siu or Roasted Pork Ribs. The Roasted Duck was flavourful with tender meat while the Roasted Pork was crispy and delicious. If you fancy sweet, succulent pork ribs, the Roasted Pork Rib is a good option.
Wantan Soup
The Wantan used prawn and minced pork as filling. Sweet and savoury with a springy texture, the Wantan was awesome.
Noodle (Dry)
Smooth thin noodle which are al-dente, blanched and mixed with well-flavoured sauce, served with blanched choy sum and garnished with spring onion. It was not bad.
Spinach Noodle (Dry)
For a healthier version of noodle, you can opt for the Spinach Noodle.
Noodle Soup
Fancy for the soupy version, I had the Noodle Soup. Springy noodle served with sweet-savoury soup. Light and tasty.
Total Paid = RM57.60 (including Cucumber Sour Plum Juice + 2 X Warm Water)
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