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Houng Kee @ Damai

Angeline Saturday, February 19, 2011 , ,

A steaming hot bowl of  'Yu Chap' (Mixed Fish) with noodle and a small piece of Stuffed Beancurd, is just a perfect breakfast to have in KK.

Kedai Kopi Houng Kee
Food: 3.5/5
Service: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
During the Chinese New Year festival, most of the eateries in KK are crowded with patrons and it wasn't an exceptional to Houng Kee at Damai. Used to be one of my favourite place for noodle years ago, it had been quite some times since my last visit to Houng Kee.
Special Sambal Chili
Stuffed Beancurd, RM1.00 per piece
The smooth beancurd was stuffed with fish paste. A simple and nice dish to add-on.
Waterchesnut Drink, RM2.50 per glass
Yu Chap with Kon Lau Mee, RM6.00
The Yu Chap included a mixture of assorted fish product and fish head serve with soup and garnished with coriander.

Served separately, the Kon Lau Mee consisted of springy noodle tossed-dry and mixed with flavourful sauce.
Yu Chap Mee Soup, RM6.00
The ingredients of the Yu Chap Mee Soup included fish puff, fish cakes, fish ball, fried fish head and fresh fish head served with noodle.
Total paid for Lunch, RM19.00

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