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Jai Ho @ Lintas

Angeline Wednesday, February 16, 2011 , , ,

Jai Ho is a new Bollywood North Indian Bistro which is also a sister's restaurant to Kohinoor @ Waterfront. During the Valentine's Day, Jai Ho offers free Henna Tattoo's service to the ladies and free Bollywood Dance Show for the patrons to enjoy.

Jai Ho
Lot No.4, Lorong Plaza 4,
Block 4, Lintas Plaza,
88300, Kota Kinabalu.
Tel: 088-211160
Fax: 088-216160
In this special Valentine's day, celebrating with your love one in a romantic restaurant, enjoying the Western cuisine might be a common idea that everyone of us had. However, being a fan of North Indian cuisine, Jack and I chose to dine-in at a new place in Lintas.
With colourful setting and Valentine's decoration, the restaurant's ambiance was filled with romantic atmosphere. Bring our tripod Angeline along, we get to snapped a few good photos of us. :)
Ordering the ala-carte dishes, the Menu is actually pretty similar to Kohinoor, just with a few new dishes available.
Khadai Paneer RM11.90
Khadai Paneer is a dish which consists of cottage cheese cooked with capsicums, onion and spices. It tasted creamy with mild spiciness.
Vegetables Bhuna RM9.90
Cooked with long bean, potato, cauliflower and spices, the Vegetable Bhuna tasted flavourful but not too spicy.
Daal Tadkawali RM8.90
Daal Tadkawali is one of my favourite dish, which is lentils in thick gravy. Simmered for long hours, the Daal tasted creamy and savoury with mild spices flavour.
Tandoori Chicken (Full) RM27.90
Marinated with spices, the Tandoori Chicken was grilled to perfection. Before consumption, a little lime juice will be added and for extra flavour, we like to dipped it with some chutney.

Bollywood Bread Basket RM11.90
For sharing, the Bollywood Bread Basket comes with Plain Naan, Tandoori Bread and Garlic Naan.
Puris RM3.00
Made from Wheat flour, Puris is a crispy deep-fried bread. The bread is tasteless on its own, so some Daal or sauce will be require as accompaniment.
Bollywood Lamb Shank Curry RM15.90
Being one of the signature dish of Jai Ho, the Bollywood Lamb Shank Curry was delicious. Tender meat with flavourful and fragrant sauce.

Total Paid = RM93.40

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