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Frames Cafe @ Sunway Pyramid

Angeline Friday, February 25, 2011 , , , ,

A Nice Dinner for Two at Less Than RM30? That’s right! If you’re interested to find out how to get this fabulous deal of less than RM30 for a splendid meal for 2 persons then read on. Frames is a relatively new restaurant located at Sunway Pyramid, just next to Starbucks at the main entrance. The restaurant is named such due to the abundance of framed photos hung around the walls. These photos are by no means plagiarized or bought off-the-shelf, instead they are actual genuine photos from the owner’s friends and customers. All the photos are not only there for decoration, they are also for sale!
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Frames Cafe @ Sunway Pyramid
(next to Starbucks at Sunway Pyramid Old Wing Main Entrance)
Lot OB.K4N, Oasis Boulevard Sunway Pyramid,
3 Jalan PJS 11/15,
Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs: 11.30 am- 1am, Fri-Sun:11.30am-2am
Telephone: +603 5631 9989
Fax: +603 5631 9986
E-Mail: [email protected]
Aromatic candles on the table
Photo frames surrounding the walls of the restaurant
More photo frames
The dining area is comfortable and minimalistic, with black tables and white chairs. The whole ensemble gave it a very black-and-white theme, almost formal, that is, until you meet the owners. The group of friendly chaps immediately put us at ease and we started chatting away while waiting for food to arrive.
Al-fresco dining
According to them, the famous items in the menu were burgers and pasta.
Juicy beef patty

We started with a range of drinks, mostly ice-blended fruit juices which were perfect for that hot afternoon. My favourite had to be the Signature G-Frost which was sweet and a little sour from the mixture of grape and watermelon juice, topped with juicy lychee on top.
Signature G-Frost (RM8.90) – Mixture of grape and watermelon juice topped with lychee
Watermelon Lychee (RM8.90)
Mango Lychee Kaffir (RM8.90)

One of the best-selling pasta dishes in the menu was called Diablo, a dish of spaghetti tossed with olive oil, coriander, chili flakes and sautéed seafood. The al-dente spaghetti was generously coated with chili flakes and olive oil, resulting in the nice sheen from the outlook. This was spicy but not overwhelmingly so, and was nicely flavoured by the sweetness of fresh scallops and mussels.
Diablo (RM18.90)

Comparing the Diablo and Spicy Seafood Carbonara, I had to pick the latter. The spaghetti tossed with cream, chili flakes and sautéed seafood was creamy but not thickly so. I was pleasantly surprised by the nice spicy flavour to the cream, something out of the ordinary. Somehow, the combination just worked. I couldn’t stop myself from slurping away and wiping the plate clean off the delicious creamy base.
Spicy Seafood Carbonara (RM19.90)

Aside from pasta, Frames is proud to present their own burger patties, also known as gourmet patties. The Beef Burger patty arrived looking gorgeous and thick, layered with lettuce below and a whole fried egg above. The cross-section of the burger was almost screaming to be eaten. The patty was done medium well, to retain the tenderness and juiciness within. This was easily the best burger among the 3 that we had.
Beef Burger (RM22.90)

Although many gave thumbs-up to the Beef burger, I found the Fish Burger to be pretty good too. It was made from deep-fried dory slathered with tartar sauce, cheddar cheese and caramelized onions. I normally wouldn’t favour the fish burger but I found myself enjoying the tasty combination of the fish fillet and cheese! A plus point to know that the fish was pretty fresh with clearly-defined flakes, as opposed to a mashy texture.
Fish Burger (RM22.90)
Delicious fish fillet with flaky and smooth texture

The Chicken Burger, however, failed to impress me. The chicken patty was weak with a soft patty that didn’t have much flavour. It would have been much better to have real chicken leg or chicken breast meat in between the burger buns, in my humble opinion. Good news is, I believe the owners are thinking about doing something along that lines.
Chicken Burger (RM22.90)

To Be here for more.....desserts...slurp!

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