Kedai Kopi Ocean King @ Beverly, Bundusan

Kedai Kopi Ocean King is selling Yu Chap (Mixed Fish) with noodles and other seafood. Located at the old shop lot where the famous Wan Wan Restaurant use to be, Kedai Kopi Ocean King attracted a huge crowds patronizing the restaurant with its own unique flavours.

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Sorry, as I forgotten to take the photo of the shop.

Kedai Kopi Ocean King
Location: Corner shop where Wan Wan Restaurant use to be.
Yu Chap Soup RM40.00
A variety of ingredients which consists of fish maw, fish skin, fish fillet, fish cake and fish noodle served in soup. The serving of the large bowl of Yu Chap Soup is enough for 4 persons. Delicious with its own unique flavours, these special dish can only be found in Sabah.
Fish Head in Black Sauce RM30.00
The fresh fish head tasted deliciously good with the black sauce which consists of sweet-savoury, gingery flavour with mild Chinese wine taste.
Kon Lau Mee
Noodle mixed with flavourful sauce topped with minced chicken. A simple yet tasty meal.
Kon Lau Tunghoon
For a more healthy variation, you can opt for Tunghoon, or also known as Glass Noodle.
Total Paid = RM79.80 (including 2 X Kon Lau Mee + 2 X Rice)


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